CARL Software
Carl software
European leader

Dedicated to Asset Management since 1985

CARL Software is a European leader in maintenance management and asset management solutions.


Managing Director and founder of the company in 1985


“We pioneered computer-aided maintenance management systems (CMMS) back in 1985. Since then we have built up a solid reputation, having specialised in maintenance management and asset management for more than 30 years. Our products are used by tens of thousands of users in Europe and around the world, in all fields of business.

Our products are available in all the main languages (Arabic, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese and more). Unlike most publishers of competing solutions, we are specialists in maintenance management and asset management software, which account for all our revenue.

The most important thing for a company setting up today is to be reassured about the future of its investment. In recent years CARL Software has posted results that place us at the top of the French market for maintenance management specialists (comparison of revenue in France for companies specialised in this field). We are proud to offer a high degree of continuity and a coherent product policy. Our shareholders have remained stablefor the last 24 years, and the company’s financial situation is sound – indeed it has been profitable right from the outset.

Another distinguishing feature of CARL Software is our capital structure, with no external investors or groups. This guarantees our total independence and favours long term development and stability, where others are obliged to put their shareholders short-term interests ahead of the needs of their customers and employees.”

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