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Below is a selection of news briefs and press releases about the latest developments at CARL Software.

You can also click here to view a selection of press reports about our customers and their CMMS or EAM projects.

October 2017: CARL Software will be present at EXPOFerroviaria in Milan Italy

October 3-5, Rho Fiera Milano, Stand 466

CARL Software will be exhibiting at EXPOFerroviaria 2017, Italy's showcase event for railway equipment, products and services.

The publisher will present CARL Source Transport software dedicated to the management of rolling stock, fixed installations and linear assets which is used by many transport operators all over the world (Metros of Algiers, Cairo, New York, Seoul .., tramways of Grenoble, Lima, Marseille, Tenerife.., AKIEM, Colas Rail, MESEA, National Office of the Moroccan Railways, RAMFER etc.).
You will also discover CARL Touch a mobile application dedicated to field technicians and inventory managers.

During this event two of our client’s users will present their project feedback in conferences. You will be able to measure the benefits brought by the use of CARL Source transport at FER (Ferrovie Emilia Romagna) and at GTT (Gruppo Torinese Trasporti, Metropolitana di Torino).

CARL Software conference on Wednesday October 4th at 10:30

"Zoom on trains’ inspections, retail locations, stations and real estate assets management with the use of CARL Source Transport"
Speaker: Fabrizio Maccari from FER (Ferrovie Emilia Romagna)

CARL Software conference on Wednesday October 4th at 11:00

"How to optimize stock of spare parts and repair kits management for the Metro of Turin"
Speaker: Luca Dolfin from GTT (Gruppo Torinese Trasporti, Metropolitana di Torino)

Information regarding all conferences and registration.

May 2017: Fourteenth CARL Software Users’ Club meetings

17 May, 1 June, 9 June, 13 June, 22 June 2017

Each year, CARL Software invites its customers to the Users’ Club meetings, to present new products, services and techniques.
These meetings, launched 14 years ago, have become an event not to be missed, at which all those involved in maintenance can meet colleagues and CARL Software staff to talk about issues and products.
This year, five meetings will be held at five customer sites, enabling users to discover the technical context and CMMS projects of companies in a variety of fields:

  • SEMITAN (public transport in the Nantes metropolitan area).
  • ABB (an industrial site manufacturing power contactors, junction blocks and current and voltage sensors).
  • Cité du vin, Bordeaux (a prestigious cultural venue for wine-related events).
  • Aquiris (a waste water treatment plant in Brussels).
  • Paris fire brigade.
Several hundred people are expected to attend the 2017 Users’ Club meetings. They will have an exclusive preview of the new mobile application, CARL Flash, which enables users of equipment, assets, buildings or public areas to contact the technical departments responsible for maintenance and operations, and in particular to create work requests and monitor progress.
CARL Flash will run on any device (tablet or smartphone) and operating system (iOS, Windows and Android).

March 2017: An Ambitious CMMS Project for the Paris Fire Brigade

In 2014, the logistics division of the Paris fire brigade selected CARL Source to help keep its fire stations, equipment and vehicles in operational condition.

The CMMS is used to manage a wide variety of equipment, including thousands of vehicles and operational equipment, IT and communication equipment, buildings, clothing, personal protective equipment and healthcare equipment (excluding pharmaceutical supplies).

It is deployed across all of the logistics division’s specialised departments, with the aim of standardising maintenance processes and asset logistics procedures and thereby improving coordination. So far, three departments in the logistics division use CARL Source to manage equipment, track work orders and regulatory maintenance, manage stock levels, optimise procurement forecasts, and oversee the assignment of equipment to fire stations and firefighters.

March 2017: CARL Software is at SIFER.

21-23 March 2017 – Stand 532- Exhibition Centre Lille Grand Palais, France

CMMS, geographic information systems (GIS), connected objects, mobility, etc., are all technological innovations to improve rail maintenance performance. To optimize the utilization of these innovations, publisher CARL software works on their integration and deployment within its CMMS CARL Source Transport and its mobile application CARL Touch.

Discover the benefits of these new technologies at CARL Software Booth N° 532 and during our conference organized with Oc'Via Maintenance and RAMFER / Colas Rail.

Conference: Wednesday, 22 March, 10:30 a.m., Forum 1
Mobility, GIS, CMMS connected objects, etc. Learn how to rely on these technological innovations to improve your maintenance performance.

Focus on 2 projects:
RAMFER / COLAS RAIL for the maintenance of railway rolling stock.
OC'VIA for the maintenance of the high-speed line bypassing the cities of Nîmes and Montpellier (South West France).
Speakers: Jean Philippe CESARI , Sales Director, CARL Software; Laurent LINXE , Director, RAMFER ; Samuel PENNEÇOT, Technical Director, OC'VIA Maintenance.

January 2017: The REYDEL group signs a contract with CARL Software for all of its production sites.

REYDEL is a world leader in design and manufacturing of instrument panels, door panels and consoles modules for the Automotive Industry. In 2015, the REYDEL group started an international project to computerize its maintenance in order to improve the maintenance performance of all of its production sites.
Reydel chooses CARL Source software to structure its approach. CARL Source is used by the French and Spanish production sites since 2016, the software will soon be deployed on the Morocco, Asia, South America and Russia production sites.

A large multi-site project:
The project started in 2015 on the pilot site of Rougegoutte, in the Bourgogne Franche Comté area. Project goal: To manage corrective, predictive, preventive maintenance processes of all production equipment, stock, purchases, work and contracts using the CMMS. This model will be replicated to other production sites.

At term, the Reydel Group wishes to standardize methods and maintenance ranges on all of its sites. With CARL Source, the automotive supplier will have a global vision of the maintenance performance. It will also be able to measure the efficiency of the service brought by the maintenance on each site such as cost comparison, machines downtime, work time etc. In 2017, the CMMS project will take on a new dimension with the deployment of CARL Touch mobile application on the Spanish sites. Technicians will be able to digitize their work, their reports and optimize their work time.

Simplified administration:
Each production site will have its own CARL Source database in order to manage its technical and linguistic specificities. These bases will be centralized in Spain to optimize their administration.

« We chose to work with CARL Software because of its European level experience and the quick adaptability of CARL Source to our business» says Bruno Meurin the industrial manager of REYDEL «The human-machine interfaces are easily modular depending on the level of production or maintenance users. Working meetings through the "Champion Maintenance" network allow the exchange of "best practice" around the same tool. The goal is to have identical machine performance indicators in order to reduce our costs and satisfy our customers on the availability of our equipment. We value the quality of the support of CARL Software team for the deployment on international sites. ».

November 2016: Midest / Smart Industries - Convergence for the industry of the future

6-9 December 2016 – Hall 6 Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center – France - Stand P019

Industry 4.0 is underway and is provoking a lot of changes affecting maintenance and its tools. At MIDEST, CARL Software will present its vision of the convergence for new technologies applied to CMMS as well as its expertise on their deployments:

  • Mobility for field technicians
  • Equipment, building or networks modeling (Geographic information systems, Maps, Digital Models BIM)
  • Paperless exchanges (with ERP or external systems)
  • Augmented reality
  • Dialogs with IoT (Internet of Things) and Asset tracking
  • Machine learning and predictive maintenance ...
You will discover that our software CARL Source already includes several maintenance 4.0 key points.

September 2016: Innotrans trade fair - Berlin

20 to 23 September 2016 - Stand 3.01 - Hall 3.2

CARL Software will be exhibiting at the Innotrans trade fair that brings together rail transport professionals.
Visitors can discover CARL Source CMMS and mobile application CARL Touch, solutions that are dedicated to the management of rolling stock, fixed and linear assets.

Special Conference on Maintenance - Thursday, September 22 at 11:00
CARL Source Transport CMMS at the heart of large rail projects’ maintenance performance: Zoom on 2 outstanding projects :

  • the future Tours-Bordeaux High Speed Lane
  • the optimization of COLAS RAIL maintenance platforms

Colas Rail

August 2016 : Optimization of COLAS RAIL maintenance platforms with CARL Source Transport CMMS

In 2013, COLAS RAIL sets a strategic goal to its Rolling Stock Executive Department. becoming a world’s major player in the maintenance of railway rolling stock. Therefore COLAS RAIL Rolling Stock Executive Department has been structuring maintenance activities of all of its European workshops thru the implementation of CARL Source Transport CMMS and mobile application CARL Touch.

CARL Source CMMS is a strategic tool for the group: it standardizes processes, disseminates working methods, draws, plans, manages, analyzes, map out inventory, and manages the whole maintenance financial activity of locomotives, cars, and public works vehicles fleet for all maintenance facilities in France, in Europe, North Africa and South America.

The CMMS is also an integral part of the customer relationship. By providing to its customers an access to the CMMS, the Rolling Stock Executive Department chooses to take a quality and transparent approach to its services: Each client has access to the CMMS to track real time operations that are carried out on its equipment either by COLAS RAIL teams or by its own technicians. Technicians use CARL Touch mobile to track their work in the CMMS and launch replenishments.

Thanks to the industrialization of its maintenances processes and the high level of technical performance COLAS RAIL Rolling Stock Executive Department is now ECM certified. Based on these encouraging results, the group is now launching a new project: the creation of a commercial structure, RAMFER, dedicated to the development of rolling stock maintenance in France, Belgium, Morocco, and Chile.


Mars 2016 : Geodis chooses CARL Source Transport to manage its maintenance project at a European level

With CARL Source Transport, Geodis Raod Transport wants to optimize the technical management and maintenance budget monitoring of its 25,000 vehicles, equipment, logistics units and European sites.
To equip the group’s 50 agencies and 23 shops found all around Europe, the CMMS will be deployed in 6 languages.

In the short run, vehicles fleet and equipment maintenance will be carried out with CARL Touch mobile. In the second phase, the group will deploy CARL Source to manage its infrastructure.

February 2016: Solomon Power chooses CARL Source and CARL Touch to maintain Solomon islands power stations

Solomon Power is responsible for the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity in the Solomon Islands. The company, which is continually re-evaluating its operations and upgrading its equipment and locations, was in need of a CMMS. They selected CARL Source and CARL Touch, which includes GIS functions to optimize the maintenance management of the archipelago's 11 power stations. Solomon Power will use the Work, Stock and Purchases packs of CARL Source to manage power houses, substations, power lines, underground assets, distribution transformers and many other assets, such as buildings and vehicles.

The software will be interfaced with their ERP system.

Production is planned for early June 2016.


April 2015 : CARL Source software selected to manage the maintenance of SEA Tours-Bordeaux High Speed Lane

Mid-2017, the currently under construction, SEA Tours-Bordeaux High Speed Lane (HSL) will reduce the Journey time between Paris and Bordeaux from 3 to 2 hours. The HSL maintenance and operation will be carried out by MESEA (South Europe Atlantique Maintenance & Operations). To monitor and manage works, tracks, catenaries and signalization equipment of the HSL, MESEA has chosen CARL Source software and mobile application CARL Touch. Technicians will use tablets to geolocate equipment to be maintained, get assistance in the field, send reports, manage spare parts and so on.

CARL Software is in charge of CARL Source and CARL Touch integration and will also contribute in data migration and integration of Geographic Information System (GIS) from GEOMAP. Start of production is planned for July 2017. At that time, all 150 MESEA users will be able to perform their job using CARL Source Transport to:

  • Maintain linear assets (management of nodes, segments of the railway network and kilometric references)
  • Manage equipment (bridges, railroad switches, catenary, signalization equipment etc.)
  • Manage preventive and regulatory maintenance
  • Schedule resources
  • Manage documentation
  • Optimize stock and purchasing processes
  • Monitor budget in connection with an ERP


January 2014 : CARL Software wins the ASCO Industries CMMS project!

ASCO Industries, a Belgian group, founded in 1954 is a world leader in the design and manufacture of "Slat Tracks", (Leading Edge Slat mechanisms and Trailing Edge Flap supports ) and major functional components for the aerospace industry (lift devices, parts for landing gear and engine suspensions). The company’s headquarters are located in Zaventem Belgium but ASCO Industries also has production sites in Germany, Canada and in the United States.

To modernize its activity, ASCO Industries launched the redeployment of its strategic and operational maintenance . CARL Source holds a key place in the new organization's structure and manages:

  • preventive maintenance
  • internal and external scheduling
  • stock and budget management

CARL Source stands out as a central and strategic management tool to maintain production equipment and run the Facility Management on the Zaventem Site (Belgium). Ultimately, CARL Source is to be deployed on all ASCO Industries production sites.


March 2013: SIFER 2013: International Exhibition of Rail Technology
26-28 March 2013

Exhibition Centre Lille Grand Palais, France

This exhibition is held every two years and, showcases the latest technological advances in passenger and freight rolling stock, track and infrastructure, Signaling and train control systems, equipment maintenance etc.

Come and discover CARL Source Transport 4, the CMMS solution which allows you to manage both your rolling stock and fixed assets. You will appreciate its Industry-specific functionalities:

  • Trains’ availability management to guarantee a high level of reliability to all passengers
  • Alerts tracking and traceability via a user portal
  • Organization of complex preventive plans such as business plan, seasonality, multi-conditions etc.
  • Optimization of equipment diagnostics and compliance monitoring through automatic import of reports from leading regulatory control agencies
  • Enhances guarantee safety to all users and employees
  • Integration of management planning tools (Google Maps and AutoCAD plan etc.) for a better geolocation of your equipment
  • Interoperability with SAE, BTM (building technical management), payroll management, accounting etc.
  • Maintenance optimization with CARL Touch mobile design to help technicians in the field, geolocate equipment, dictate reports and enhance maintenance reliability with Real-time Data.

For more information about the exhibition visit the Sifer 2013 site.


February 2013 :Turnover increased dramatically in 2012 with a record of +41% in booked orders

In 2012 CARL Software has reached a record level of € 9,995 K of booked orders, representing a 41% increase compared to 2011.

This significant growth translates into an important increase in turnover which stood at € 8469 K for 2012 (representing an increase of 14 % from the previous year).

Thereby, CARL Software which was created in 1985 records a 16th consecutive year of growth, strengthening the company’s CMMS market leadership in Europe (comparison of revenue for companies specialized in this market).

This growth was reached while maintaining good profitability (between 6 and 10% of net profits over the last eight years), and zero debt. This good level of profitability was attained even though R & D spending increased in 2012: the company has financed the development of CARL Source 4, a major new version of its flagship product, while pursuing innovative developments on CARL Touch, the mobile application that won 1st prize at the 2013 BEMAS Innovation Award for innovations in the technical maintenance sector.

CARL Software was also awarded the 3+ rating by Banque de France: the second best rating on a scale of 12 values (from 3++ to 9), testifying to its strong ability to live up to its financial commitments. Only 12.4% of French companies are awarded a 3 + or 3 ++ rating, which puts CARL Software among the most reliable French companies.

« In a difficult economic climate, CARL Software maintains regular growth and a good profit rate, strengthening CARL’s market leader position in France (comparison of revenue in France for companies specialized in this market) », says Eric Bonnet, CEO and founder of CARL Software in 1985.

« In a time of economic uncertainty, the most important thing for a company setting up today is to be reassured about the future of its investment.

This is why it is essential to measure the degree of profitability, debt, transparency and financial reliability, but also the stability of the publisher executive team with which you wish to work. By making our Banque de France rating public, we want to contribute to this transparency.

With 16 years of uninterrupted growth, CARL Software can look forward to sustainable long-term growth : established and systematic profitability, zero debt, strong R & D investment, a clear and sustained product policy, a stable executive team and shareholders However, the stability of a product policy is the essential condition for innovation without leaving one’s old customers in the lurch. »

You can access here to more financial information and download our balance sheets and income statements from the past 8 years.


December 2012: Cairo Metro, partnership between Alstom transport division and CARL Software

Last February, The Cairo Metro put into service line 3 which is managed by the maintenance software CARL Source Transport.

The achievement of line 3 was conducted by a consortium of French companies including the Alstom group, in charge in particular of implementing a CMMS.

This is the software CARL Source Transport, published by CARL Software, which was chosen by Alstom Transport to assist the operator in the maintenance of the depot fixed installations and rolling stock of line 3. Both companies have also ensured training and skills acquisition in maintenance and in computer for the Cairo Metro technicians.


November 2012: Carl Software will provide together with Thales one of the French Army’s future logistic information systems

CARL Software and Thales have been selected by the DIRISI (Joint Directorate for Infrastructure Networks and Information Systems) to develop, implement and maintain its future logistics information system (LIS). This maintenance control system and management of technical references will further unify the transformation initiative of DIRISI support. It will be used by more than 3,000 users.

With its CARL Source 4 new generation CMMS which will be the system technical base and its previous experience with Thales, CARL Software strengthens an expertise widely acknowledged in the defense field.

Among its major references in this field, CARL Software already equips the French armed forces medical service and contributes to the efficient management of the flotilla units of Toulon, of the aircraft spare parts for all French army corps, and of various military defense projects classified as top-secret.

October 2012: CARL Software group acquires 33.34% stake in SIVECO Group

French group CARL Software announces the acquisition of a 33.34 % blocking minority stake in SIVECO GROUP SA.  CARL Software and SIVECO Group were both independent since their creation over 25 years ago.

From Eric Bonnet, CEO and founder of CARL Software :

« Our companies have been active in the same market for decades; it seemed natural to consider a rapprochement. This shareholding does not change anything in the short term. At this stage changing the policies, products or methods of either company is not foreseen.

However, this is obviously a sign that we wish to convey : when two market leaders meet, it cannot go unnoticed.

In the long term, an alliance highlighting the respective strengths of each company would certainly make sense. Indeed, technologies developed in recent years by CARL Software along with our financial strength, combined with the strong international reputation and level of skill and confidence SIVECO has developed towards its partners and customers form an incredible power. In addition, both companies have over 25 years experience in EAM / CMMS. The combined experience would create a group with tremendous resources, a group capable of competing with the heavyweights of the American market on their own land, and not only in Europe as CARL Software already does.

This shareholding changes nothing in the total independence of CARL Software. It’s always been of great importance to me not to jeopardize the objectives of the company by giving too much power to financiers interested mostly by quick gains, often against the interests of customers or employees of the company. This is why this operation was financed entirely from our own funds and has no impact on our shareholders. Moreover, as with all of CARL Software’s policies, it is a transaction aligned with future sustainable economic development, and also to preserve smart growth over the coming decade. »

CARL Software makes it clear that its acquisition of stake was carried out through a 100% subsidiary of CARL INTERNATIONAL SA, which owns 33.34% of SIVECO GROUP’s shares.

April 2012: 15th Consecutive Year of Growth for CARL Software

Turnover 1997-2011

Turnover in 2011 was € 7,412 K. This means that CARL Software, which was founded in 1985, has now recorded growth in its turnover for 15 consecutive years, keeping at the same time a high net profit rate (between 7-10% during the last 7 years).

The net profit was € 578 K, or 7.8% of turnover.

We should point out that the company has consistently been profitable since its founding.

The company has no long term debt.

CARL Software was awarded the 3+ rating by Banque de France: the second best rating on a scale of 12 values (from 3++ to 9), testifying to its strong ability to live up to its financial commitments.

For further financial information, the full balance sheet and profit and loss account for 2011 can be accessed here.

“In a difficult economic context, CARL Software maintains a regular growth and a good profit rate, strengthening CARL’s market leader position in France (comparison of revenue in France for companies specialised in this market).says Eric Bonnet, CEO and founder of CARL Software in 1985. “For the past several years, with a view to ensuring transparency for its customers, CARL Software has been one of the few unlisted software publishers to make its financial statement public as soon as they are known.”

The most important thing for a company setting up today is to be reassured about the future of its investment. In this regard, CARL Software records strong growth with an established profitability, and maintains a clear and sustained product policy, backed by stable shareholding. The stability of a product policy is the essential condition for innovation without leaving one’s old customers in the lurch.”

La Centrale des Eaux

March 2012: Plumbers of Centrale des Eaux equipped with CARL Touch mobility tool

Centrale des Eaux (LCDE), which is a subsidiary of Delacommune et Dumont company specializes in housing maintenance and provides its services to property managers. Its 70 plumbers maintain more than 180,000 homes in Paris metropolitan area.

To face a highly competitive market, Centrale des Eaux has chosen to improve its customer service and to modernize its internal organization.

To cope with this strategic reorientation, the company has chosen CARL Touch.

"There are three reasons why we selected CARL Software’s solution", Mr. Wattiez, CEO of Centrale des Eaux:

  • " We selected CARL Source CMMS for its functional richness allowing us to improve the overall management of our maintenance ;
  • We were impressed by CARL Touch which is a true innovative application in the CMMS market! This tool was unanimous among our technicians and allows them to save time while optimizing quality monitoring of their work and reports !
  • We have relied on the expertise of CARL Software which adapted its offer to the specificities of our sector. "

The project is in its production phase, and CARL Touch is currently deployed and used by the company whole crew of plumbing technicians.

November 2011: CARL Software creates CARL Touch, the mobile CMMS tailored to field technicians

Discover CARL Touch in video!

In 2011, CARL Software takes a new key decision and creates CARL Touch.

CARL Touch is the new mobile solution dedicated to technicians.

CARL Touch’s ambition is to reconcile field technicians with the CMMS, while allowing better supervision of the maintenance activity for the managers.

CARL Touch differs from traditional mobile solutions, CARL Touch is:

  • Revolutionary: Its simplicity of use exempts the technician of any prior training. Navigation is done with one finger and it is hardly necessary to use the keyboard.
  • Convenient: No more incomplete and unusable reports. Its Multimedia Capabilities combine native speech recognition, text, photos, videos, and audio recording.
  • Available: The application is always available, even with no 3G or WiFi networks. As soon as a network is located all information will synchronize without any action of the technician.
  • Open: CARL Touch can be equally installed on an Android Smartphone or a digital tablet, and deployed on any new material without any technical intervention, simply by scanning the installation bar code.
  • Productive: In constant contact with the back office, the technician may seek assistance at any time (call for an expert, display of technical drawing documentation etc). Alerts and messages help them to manage their work more effectively.
  • Effective: CARL Touch offers the guarantee to maintenance managers of keeping track of their field technicians in real time. It also allows quicker task scheduling and optimizing of the technician’s work through geolocation.


Within 4 minutes, discover CARL Touch in video!

September 2011: CARL Source Contributes to Securing Electrical Production in Mali

In 2012, SEM, the exclusive supplier of electricity in Mali, will rely on CARL Source CMMS to manage the SOPAM power station in Mali. The plant was inaugurated in 2010. It produces 55 megawatts (MW) of power and will cover the needs of 300,000 homes, more than one third of the energy needs of Mali.

CARL Source CMMS has been selected to manage the maintenance of the plant. Configured for multi-site, the software will allow the technical teams to manage SEM equipments, works, stocks and purchases. Its implementation will be conducted by GMI (Computer Malian Group).

Genève Aéroport

July 2011: CARL Source, a Strategic Choice for Geneva International Airport

Geneva International Airport is the second most important airport in Switzerland: it carries more than 12 million passengers / year, hosts many international airlines, has one of the largest traffic area in Europe, and holds around 4000 official and formal receptions per year.

With such a strong position, the airport decided to conduct an extensive study in order to optimize its maintenance activity which led to the reorganization of some of its maintenance departments and to its decision to provide the Infrastructure and Planning department with a CMMS tool.

It is CARL Source which has been chosen to standardize the maintenance activities and maintain the airport. Both supplier and integrator of the CMMS project in Geneva Airport, CARL Software has been providing technical and project management expertise to the airport technical and computer staff.

Project major objectives:

  • CARL Source will manage the whole infrastructure (technical equipment, rolling stock, runway lights, footbridges, telematics support, inventory management of spare parts, fire detection, safety equipment, parking etc. ) by deploying its standard functionalities (inventory, traceability, and preventive maintenance management, work tracking etc.).
  • CARL Source will provide a function of CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to manage the relationship between the maintenance department and the airport customers (shops, restaurants, etc) companies and customers outside users of the airport. CARL Source will provide the exact billing of each maintenance jobs performed on the basis of information provided by the software (maintenance parts consumption, number of hours spent by technicians etc).

CARL Source full implementation is due for the second semester of 2011, the software will be interfaced with the airport ERP and Building Management System. At first it will be used by more than 100 technicians part of the airport maintenance departments and later on by hundreds of subcontractors.

Assemblée nationale

May 2011: The French National Assembly Chooses CARL Source to Manage its Real Estate Properties

As part of its reorganization, the French National Assembly property and facility management Department (SAIP¨) has acquired CARL Source Facility as CMMS tool for a better scheduling of its projects management, drawing up and signing of contracts and public tenders.

The SAIP’s 89 users will rely on CARL Source to manage the equipment, in house and subcontracted workers, works, contracts and, the department operating budgets. The CMMS will be interfaced with the ERP, the Building Management system and with the Web Portal.

Target: Modernizing the access to the National Assembly various business applications and offering personalized functions depending on users profiles.

The National Assembly property includes a total area of 170 000 m2 and 10 000 business premises.

This new reference adds another prestigious institutional reference to our list of clients such as The French Ministry of Finance, Paris City Council, and the European Commission which are already users of CARL CMMS.

Mestria MES

May 2011: Innovation: CARL Source in the MES Market

CARL Software innovates and positions itself in the MES (Manufacturing Executive System) market through a close collaboration with six other publishers (Agilium, Alpha 3i, Cincom, Courbon, Jam France , Quasar) and 2 research laboratories (LIESP and LISTIC ). Certified by the Cluster Edit network, this initiative gave birth to a new product called Mestria, which will be marketed in October 2011.

The Mestria solution includes CARL Source Factory CMMS. It consists of a MES service catalog conforming and compliant to ISA standards and also of a tool for orchestrating these services. Mestria catalog offers services for traceability, planning, scheduling, supervision, resource management, data collection, performance analysis, and covers a wide functional scope: production maintenance, quality, logistics etc. Mestria is a product which is based on a SOA (Service-oriented architecture) it is open to all Information System applications and can progress depending on the companies' needs minimizing the impact of technology constraints. The MESTRIA solution will be presented during “les 4èmes Assises du MES”: “Piloting of your industrial facilities: new levers of performance” Trade fair (Paris - June 7, 2011) and at the USE IT exhibition (7 & 8 June 2011).

April 2011: 14th Consecutive Year of Growth

Turnover in 2010 was € 7,320 K.

The net profit was € 547 K, or 7,5% of turnover.

We should point out that the company has consistently been profitable since its founding.

January 2011: the Rabat Tramway acquires CARL Source Transport CMMS

CARL Software announces winning the tender for Rabat tramway CMMS Project (Morocco), adding one more prestigious reference in the transport field (metros of New York, Marseille, Seoul, Turin; Tramways in Grenoble, Madrid, Nantes, Tenerife, etc). CARL Source Transport will be the main management tool to maintain the rolling stock and fixed installations. It will manage the equipment, stock, finance, work and purchases. It will also be interfaced with the accounting and SAE systems.

The tram is scheduled to come into service early 2011. For the Moroccan capital, this project of public interest is particularly strategic: it is the first tramway in Morocco; it will carry more than 60 million passengers per year, it is also a big step forward for the country mass transit modernization. The first 2 lines will cover a 20 km route and will serve the cities of Rabat and Salé. A long term plan envisage the extension of 2 more lines.

April 2010: 2009 Turnover Increased by 6%, 13th Consecutive Year of Growth

Turnover in 2009 was € 7,210 K, up by 6% compared to 2008.

The net profit was € 604 K, or 8.4% of turnover.

We should point out that the company has consistently been profitable since its founding.


February 2010: the World Leader in Braking Systems chooses CARL Source

The Italian Brembo group is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of braking systems. The company employs more than 5,500 employees, operates in 14 countries and has 35 production and business sites.

In September 2009, Brembo made the choice to use CARL Source. Thus, in Bergamo, Italy, 2 sites are exploiting CARL Source software: the aluminum smelter and a production site carrying out machining operations and the assembly of braking systems.

In the short term, the Brembo project team wishes the CMMS to be the hub of their information systems. It will integrate the supervision and control of production processes in order to optimize the performance of production along with quality maintenance.

You can also read press articles about Brembo.

Voix du Nord

November 2009: "Voix du Nord" Newspaper: a Successful Modernization

Late 2007, the press group "La Voix du Nord" (1400 employees / 5 daily papers published - 475 000 newspapers) started a major internal reorganization. Very much impacted, the maintenance department acquired the software CARL Source Factory in September 2008. Its goals: computerizing the management of its production facilities and supporting the modernization of the technical team work methods.

The software was quickly deployed and today, "Voix du Nord" exploits CARL Source "Equipment", "Work" and "Planning" modules. Because of its simple handling and easy setup, CARL Source has been well accepted by the technical teams faced for the 1st time with a computerized work environment. In the short term, "Voix du Nord" also intends to manage its stock and maintenance contracts with CARL Source. In 2010 CARL Source will be interfaced with ERP systems to manage purchases and with a Building Management System (BMS) to reinforce the preventive maintenance done on the rotary printing presses.


August 2009: CARL Transport Equips the New-York City Subway

In August 2009, CARL Source Transport has been installed at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) of New York City.

At the same time, the Seoul Metropolitan Subway (South Korea) also confirmed its choice for CARL Source Transport.

After Madrid, Algiers, Paris, Turin... these new great references in the field of public transportation confirm CARL Transport success all around the world.

Sifer 2009

May 2009: SIFER 09: 6th International Railways Exhibition

To discover CARL Transport, our solution dedicated to subways, trains and tramways, you can meet us at SIFER'09, in Lille (France) on 26-28 May 2009 (stand 1/654).

SIFER is an international exhibition entirely dedicated to the rail industry: rolling stocks, infrastructures, software solutions...


April 2009: Interalpin: the World’s most Important Trade Show for Mountain Equipment

CARL Software will be present at Interalpin'09, in Innsbruck (Austria) on 22 - 24 April 2009.

Interalpin is the world’s most important trade show for the cable-car industry, artificial snowmaking, winter service appliances and ski area management.

To discover our software solutions for this field, meet us on stand N507.

April 2009: 2008 Turnover Increased by 11%, 12th Consecutive Year of Growth

Turnover in 2008 was € 6,803 K, up by 11% compared to 2007.

The net profit was € 533 K, or 8% of turnover.

We should point out that the company has consistently been profitable since its founding.

Total amount of loans was only 1.8% of turnover.


February 2009: CARL CMMS Escorts the Brinks

The Brink's is known worldwide as a global leader in cash transportation, business and security services and ATM maintenance management. The company has chosen CARL CMMS to optimize the management of its equipment and fleet vehicles.

In 2008, the Brinks CMMS Project team, with the assistance of CARL Software, was able within a few months to put CARL’s CMMS solution into production. The software is now used by 65 Brinks agencies.

Today, the CMMS manages:

  • The monitoring of maintenance contracts management for counting and safety equipment,
  • The planning of regulated shooting sessions for security officers,
  • The maintenance of the armored vehicle fleet.

September 2008: CARL Software Affirms its Commitment to Sustainable Development

Making the best use of available resources and reducing consumption are often among the reasons that motivate companies to use Asset Management or Maintenance Management software.

Mountains, water, air and nature in general have always featured strongly in CARL Software’s communications, and this is not a mere coincidence; for they epitomise the company's ongoing concern with environmental matters.


It is for all these reasons that we have decided to reaffirm our commitment to sustainable development by drawing up a corporate charter of best practices. The charter aims to reduce the company's ecological footprint in our day-to-day business (paper usage, energy consumption, travel, and so on).

Going further, CARL Software has also selected a new electricity supplier, Enercoop, the only supplier which buys all its electricity from renewable energy sources. Enercoop has been awarded the WWF's EVE label for green electricity, and is by far the highest-rated provider on Greenpeace's Ecolo Watt benchmark. From now on, our software will be designed exclusively using electricity from renewable energy sources.

CARL Software is proud of this commitment, a practical expression of the values on which we have built our success.

InnoTrans 2008

September 2008: InnoTrans Exhibition in Berlin

CARL Software will be present at InnoTrans in Berlin (September 23-26).

InnoTrans is a major international trade fair for Transport Technology (Innovative Components, Vehicles, Systems...).

On this occasion, CARL Software will present its dedicated solution CARL Transport on UBIFRANCE's stand (Hall 4.1 / Stand 215).

Algiers Metro

August 2008: CMMS CARL Transport has been Chosen by Algiers Metro

First put on the drawing board back in the 1970’s, Algiers’ underground rapid transit system will be put into service in a few months’ time.

The transit system will have a capacity of 41,000 passengers an hour (150 million passengers a year), operate on a headway of as short as under two minutes, and boast a peak speed of 70 km an hour. Fully automated, it will be run by Siemens’ Trainguard-MT CBTC, an automatic train control system already being used in cities such as Paris, Barcelona and Budapest.

Operation and maintenance of the Algiers Metro has been entrusted to RATP, which runs Paris’ public transport system. After a rigorous selection process, RATP selected CARL Transport as its CMMS. CARL Transport will allow RATP to track maintenance on the system’s rolling stock as well as its fixed assets.

CARL Transport is designed to achieve the following main objectives:

  • Provide detailed descriptions and histories of rolling stock and fixed assets,
  • Schedule corrective and preventive maintenance work (in-house and subcontracted),
  • Scheduling of maintenance on train components and of industrial infrastructures and assets,
  • Optimise maintenance inventories and purchases and automate administrative tasks,
  • Set up a tracking system to view equipment events when and as needed (maintenance workers and accreditations, part history and origin, maintenance reports, etc.),
  • Manage safety (authorisations, hot work permits, etc.) and optimise the management of regulatory inspections,
  • Track performance indicators,
  • Use CARL Transport’s EDM (Electronic Document Management) feature.

July 2008: Commercial Success Following the Launch of CARL Source

CARL Source, our new web-native software package, has been available for only a few months and it has already seduced numerous new customers.

Among these, we can name Bacardi - Martini (distillery), the hospital of Armentières, the "Conseil Général du Rhône", Leroy Somer Industrial Automation and plasma fractionation specialist Octapharma.

CARL Source was also selected by EDF and Atos Origin for what can be called one of the largest european projects of the decade: the replacement and management of EDF 's 35 million electric meters. CARL Source will be directly involved in the technical management of the new meters.

Click here for more information about CARL Source.

April 2008: 11th Consecutive Year of Growth for CARL Software

Turnover in 2007 was € 6,152 K, up by 14% compared to 2006.

The net profit was € 576 K, or 9,4% of turnover, improved compared to 2006. Operating profit progresses to € 722 K, +13% compared to 2006. This profitability improvement was done without reducing R&D costs, which have increased in 2007.

Total amount of loans was only 2.3% of turnover. Equity capital has grown by 34% to € 2,283 K.

Euromaintenance 2008

April 2008: EuroMaintenance Exhibition in Brussels

CARL Software will participate in the 19th Euromaintenance conference and exhibition that will be held April 8-10 in Brussels (Belgium). Euromaintenance is a major European event which focuses on how to optimise maintenance and decrease total manufacturing costs. On this occasion, CARL Software will be organizing a free conference: "Assets Management: maximize maintenance's results using TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)". This conference is based on VALEO's experience with TPM.

February 2008: CARL Software, CARL’s new brand name

CARL International has adopted a new brand name that better highlights our speciality: CARL Software.

CARL International's old logo

This new name, along with a new logo and a new graphic style guide, will be used for all our products and services.

This does not mean that CARL International has undergone any revolutionary changes or adapted its structure. The CARL Software name aims to put more emphasis on our core speciality as software designers. Our new logo simply highlights the importance we place in offering innovative products and services. It supersedes the previous logo (opposite) which we had been using unchanged since 1992. This more modern visual identity accompanies the launch of our new range of maintenance management and asset management software, CARL Source.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the confidence you have placed in us for over 20 years.

November 2007: CARL Source, a new web-native software package

Building on its 20 years of experience in asset management and maintenance management systems, CARL Software announces the launch of its new application range, CARL Source. The software was previewed to the CARL user Club in June 2007, then shown publicly for the first time at the Maintenance trade fair in Paris in November 2007.

The CARL Source project represents 65 man-years of development time and an investment of over five million euros over the last five years. The new product has been completely overhauled to suit today’s new maintenance and asset management requirements. Based around a web-native architecture, CARL Source meets the latest technological requirements (Web 2.0, Java, XML, Web Services, SOA, etc.) and the needs of users in the field.

Like its predecessor, CARL Master (a maintenance management application created in 1996), several versions of CARL Source are available for different sectors: Factory (industrial equipment), Facility (real estate, facilities, technical equipment), Healthcare and Transport.

A major aspect that sets CARL Source apart from its competitors is that users are not bound to proprietary solutions, in that open source products can be used for all components of the architecture. It can also operate with leading proprietary solutions (BEA, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.).

Click here for more information about CARL Source.

EMS 2007

October 2007: 3rd European Manufacturing Strategies Summit in Düsseldorf

CARL Software will participate in the 3rd European Manufacturing Strategies Summit (EMS) in Düsseldorf (Germany), the 4th and 5th of October 2007. EMS is the must-attend event for senior manufacturing practitioners to hear the most up-to-date case studies, network with peers and do business.


April 2007: 11th Consecutive Year of Growth for CARL Software

Turnover in 2006 was € 5,402 K, up by 5% compared to 2005. The net profit was € 540 K, or 10% of turnover. Equity capital has grown by 46% to € 1,707 K.


March 2007: The Marseille Public Transit Authority Chooses CARL Transport

Following the Madrid metro contract, the Marseille city council has chosen CARL Transport to manage the maintenance of:

  • Its 600 buses,
  • Its two metro lines,
  • Its light-rail lines that will soon be opened to the public,
  • Its engineered structures (tunnels, bridges, fixed installations, etc.).

The RTM (Réseau des Transports de Marseille) is a public transit system used by one-fifth of Marseille’s population each day. RTM vehicles cover nearly 100,000 km per day—equal to two and a half times around the world!

This transport system serves the city of Marseille as well as the neighbouring towns of Aubagne, Allauch, Plan-de-Cuques, La Penne sur Huveaune, and Septèmes les Vallons.

You can also read press articles about Marseille Transport System.

January 2007: CARL Master Equips Europe’s Largest Water Treatment Plant


CARL Software had already acquired several years of solid experience in the field of water treatment. Notable examples include the decision by ETDE in 1997 to equip SILA (Syndicat Intercommunal du Lac d’Annecy) with CARL Master. Following the positive reaction to this installation, in 2004 ETDE installed CARL Master at SIAAP (Syndicat Interdépartemental pour l’Assainissement de l’Agglomération Parisienne) on the Grésillons treatment plant.

In 2005, SIAAP commissioned a consortium comprising OTV and Degrémont to build Europe’s largest nitrification/denitrification unit at the Achères plant. Built to treat 2,000,000 m³ per day, it will also eliminate ammoniacal nitrogen from waste water starting in 2007. CARL Master has also been chosen to equip this leading-edge plant.

Finally, in late 2006, SIAAP installed CARL Master at its Seine Centre division, including the plants at Colombes (240,000 m³/day), Clichy and La Briche, as well as the Seine Downstream division including Achères in particular, except for the nitrification/denitrification unit.

By equipping SIAAP, France’s leading name in waste water treatment, CARL Software has confirmed its expertise in this sector.


December 2006: 25 Oil Depots at Total Managed by CARL Master

Total Logistics has just chosen CARL Master to maintain its 25 oil storage sites.

As a priority, the CARL Master CMMS will manage all of Total’s ISEs (Important Safety Elements), thereby helping it to meet all safety regulations applicable to oil storage. The plan is to extend the CMMS to all Total Logistics operating sites in the future.

Special integration work has been carried out in order to comply with the specific nature of this very demanding sector. The CARL Master software is also enhanced by an electronic document management system directly integrated in the CMMS, and multi-function alerters.

Madrid subway

November 2006: CARL Software Continues its Growth in International Transit by Equipping the Madrid Metro

After recently equipping the Turin metro followed by the Tenerife tram system, CARL Software has been chosen to equip
the Madrid metro (metro ligero Oeste) with its CARL Transport system.

These international successes come on the heels of a number of major investments that were approved in order to develop a system specifically tailored to the transport sector. This solution now benefits from the experience acquired initially in France. For several years CARL Software has been equipping many public transit companies, including Orlyval (Paris-Orly rail shuttle) and the public transport authorities of Grenoble, Montpellier and Clermont-Ferrand, to name a few.

September 2006: "Hospices Civils de Lyon" will Manage their 18 Facilities with CARL Healthcare


After being selected by the St. Nazaire university hospital, Neuchâtel hospitals, and many other health institutions, CARL Software was the successful tenderer to equip Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL). With 5500 beds and a total of 18 hospitals, HCL is the second largest group of public hospitals in France.

The CARL Healthcare software package will be installed for multiple site management of all 18 HCL hospitals, and will be used by the 350 employees at its maintenance and operations department.

CARL Healthcare will have to meet the following targets:

  • Computerised management of the 80,000 service requests per year made by user departments to the maintenance department,
  • Monitoring of internal preventive and corrective maintenance operations,
  • Monitoring of preventive and corrective maintenance operations carried out by external service providers under maintenance contracts.

A wide functional spectrum will be deployed for this purpose, from service requests (work management), preventive maintenance, and resource management, to stock management, workflow, a decision-making package, and portable terminals. CARL Healthcare will also be interfaced with the buildings’ ERP and the BMS systems.

Dior logo

June 2006: CARL Software Equips Christian Dior Perfumes

CARL Software has just been chosen to equip Christian Dior Perfumes’ main production site at St Jean de Braye with the Enterprise version of CARL Master Factory.

Located near Orléans, the site employs around 1200 people.

April 2006: Excellent Results in 2005: 7% Rise in Turnover, Sharp Increase in Net Profits

CARL Software’s turnover for 2005 was € 5133 K, up by 7% compared to 2004.

Our net profit of € 468 K (9% of turnover) represented a very large increase in profits compared to 2004.

Financial costs were only 0.1% of turnover, whilst free cash flow was € 2177 K at the end of 2005, compared to € 754 K at the end of 2004. Net assets increased by 67% to € 1166 K.


October 2005: GrandVision Chooses CARL Master

GrandVision runs several specialist companies in the eyewear sector, such as Grand Optical, Générale d’Optique, Solaris, and Visual. All in all, they have around 1000 sales outlets in Europe, and a turnover of € 600 M.

GrandVision has chosen the Expert version of CARL Master Factory for its Aubergenville production site.

August 2005: Compagnie Générale de Géophysique (CGG Veritas) Chooses CARL to Manage its Fleet of Ships

CGG Veritas logo

Compagnie Générale de Géophysique (CGG Veritas) is a major name in the field of geophysical analyses of sea beds and land masses, usually for oil or gas companies. CGG operates a fleet of ships equipped with high-technology instruments, carrying out assignments all over the world. As these ships can remain isolated at sea for long periods, they encounter specific maintenance problems.

To handle the maintenance of this fleet and the configuration of its on-board technical equipment, CGG has chosen CARL Software systems.

The proposed system is based on CARL Master and uses a data synchronisation mechanism so that each ship can operate independently (without a continuous link to the on-shore database). Whenever the geographical location of the ship allows, it connects to a centralised database via satellite link in order to upload operating data to headquarters and to issue the necessary purchase requests to a central ERP or to update equipment references.

You can view a movie presenting how CGGVeritas is using CARL's solutions.

Eiffel Tower

June 2005: Maintenance of the Eiffel Tower will be Handled by CARL Master Facility

The world’s most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower, has chosen the CARL Master Facility CMMS to handle the maintenance of all of its facilities.

The Eiffel Tower is made up of more than 18,000 pieces of metal and many items of equipment and light fixtures on which its 6 million visitors depend each year (2004 figure).

You can read here a press article about Eiffel Tower's maintenance system. You can also view a movie presenting how the Eiffel Tower is using CARL's solutions.

May 2005: 8th Consecutive Year of Growth for CARL

In yet another year of uninterrupted growth since 1996 (185% since 1996), turnover in 2004 reached €4811 K, up by 4% from 2003.

The net profit of € 106 K represents a 66% increase in profitability compared to 2003. We should point out that the company has consistently been profitable since day one.

The growth in turnover did not affect the size of our order book. In fact, in 2004 the company recorded € 5091 K worth of firm orders (more than the total invoiced turnover). This amount represents a 7% increase over the number of orders recorded in 2003.

It is interesting to look at a breakdown of the orders in terms of turnover by product type. Doing shows that the purely ‘publishing’ side of the business (granting of licences and annual assistance contracts) generated € 2585 K of firm orders in 2004, compared to € 2291 K in 2003. That amounts to an increase of 13% in just one year. Turnover for ‘service’ orders, at € 2026 K, increased by 8% over the same period, whilst miscellaneous products (hardware and software sales, etc.) fell by 18% (€ 480 K in 2004).

Clearly, CARL’s core business is what drives the company’s growth.

“CARL became one of the very first equipment management software providers when it was founded back in 1985,” says Eric Bonnet, CEO and founder of CARL Software. “Twenty years on, which is practically an eternity in the fast-paced world of information technology, we are proud to have provided great stability to the customers who have backed us over all these years. Our results for 2004 put us among the top-ranking players on this market in France. This is a testimonial to the relevance of our strategy, which is based on the coherence of our product offer and the high level of investment in our products (20 to 25% of turnover invested in R&D each year).”

February 2005: CARL Transport Chosen by SIEMENS to Equip the Turin Metro

Turin subway

Turin will inaugurate its new Metro just in time for the 2006 Olympic Winter Games. The city’s technical teams chose CARL Master Transport to manage the maintenance portion of this major project. Their reasons for choosing CARL Master Transport? The extent of its functional options, its user-friendliness, its modularity, and the quality of its GUI. To handle the reliability and security of the ALV (Automatic Light Vehicle) installations and equipment, CARL Master Transport will be operated in multi-tree mode (geographical, functional, technical and accounts), and will manage tasks such as supplier contracts, maintenance and scheduling of repair work.

In terms of maintenance, CARL Master will be used to manage technical lots of items of sensitive equipment (rolling stock, control and supply systems including all fixed and on-board automation systems, train steering components and electromagnetic systems, centralised control room, garage and workshops, general equipment, etc.).

The Turin Metro includes:

  • A 28 km line,
  • 15 stations served by VALs (automatic light vehicles). Consisting of four carriages and with a total length of 52 m, each of the 23 VAL trains can carry 440 passengers.
  • Every station is designed with three levels: entrance hall, mezzanine for channelling riders, and platforms with automated doors,
  • Highly sophisticated security and equipment: the Turin Metro was designed with the highest standards of security in mind: no enclosed spaces, video surveillance and smoke detection system connected to the trains and the stations, intercom system connected to the control room.

This achievement further strengthens CARL Software’s presence in the field of public transit, following on from its supply of systems to the public transit networks of Clermont-Ferrand, Montpellier and Grenoble.

January 2005: CARL Master, the Key Tool of EDF’s Largest Real-Estate Site

Until recently the Cap Ampère site, owned by EDF (France’s electrical supplier) and managed by DIRIM (EDF’s real-estate division), was the only EDF property managed by an internal maintenance team (maintenance of EDF’s other sites was contracted out). By choosing CARL Master as its CMMS in 2001, the Paris Region DIRIM anticipated the ‘Real Estate Performance’ project imposed by EDF. The management of all buildings owned by EDF will be repatriated in 2005.

Each day, the DIRIM team responds to the needs of the 3000 employees spread over 166,000 m2 at the 5 hectare site. Its maintenance staff uses CARL Master to manage stock, purchases, and resources, and to ensure compliance with maintenance regulations imposed by the Seveso Directive and the ISO 14001 standard. DIRIM has constantly relied on the CARL Master’s reporting tools to preserve the skills of its maintenance teams and to make best use of the knowledge of EDF’s technicians. Doing so has enabled it to reveal the profitability of the maintenance team at Cap Ampère.

In early 2005 the CARL Master application at Cap Ampère will be migrated to Version 4.1, the database will be enriched with hundreds of articles and geographical points, and the operation of CARL Master will be extended to the management of subcontractor contracts.

December 2004: Award of Excellence in Maintenance at Johnson & Johnson with CARL Master

Johnson & Johnson

In 2002, the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical and cosmetics group created an “excellence in maintenance” seal of approval to reward the best units in the group. That same year, J&J’s Val de Reuil production site installed CARL Master software. Within two years, the maintenance team aligned its organisation with J&J’s best maintenance practice and boosted its performance, in particular thanks to indicators provided by CARL Master.

In 2004, Val de Reuil became the second of J&J’s 180 production units worldwide to obtain the award of excellence in maintenance. Only three sites in the world currently hold this seal of approval.

July 2004: Welcoming our New Customers

Among the companies that have recently chosen our systems, CARL Software is delighted to include some prestigious organisations covering a wide spectrum of businesses, such as Degremont, the Bordeaux and Rennes university hospitals, the public transit authorities of Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble and Montpellier, Emin Leydier paper mills, Lapp Muller, Renault Trucks, Spontex, Schrader, GTIE, UTAC, Sanofi Pharma, and, last but not least the Bordeaux city council.

More than ever, the CARL Software strategy is to offer software packages that are specifically tailored to the requirements of each business sector: CARL Master version Factory for industry, Facility for buildings and facilities, Healthcare for hospitals, etc.

April 2004: Renault Trucks Chooses CARL Master

Renault Trucks

Renault’s technical services department has chosen CARL Master to boost maintenance at the Renault Trucks plant in Bourg en Bresse, the only site in the world where the maker’s Premium and Magnum ranges of trucks are assembled.
With their CMMS, the maintenance units now participate in the continuous improvement approach of this world showcase plant, implementing the most advanced management and technical processes.

The plant is ISO 14001 certified and employs over 1000 people plus several subcontractors on a site spanning 117 hectares, of which 8.5 are under cover. The plant currently has two assembly lines, each one extending over more than 400 m, whose productivity will need to triple in the short term.


November 2002: French Electrical Utility EDF Chooses CARL Master

CARL Master has been selected to equip 95 of EDF’s sites throughout France with a 500-user licence deployed on an internet architecture. It will replace several dozens of commercial CMMS software packages which EDF no longer found satisfactory. CARL Software will retrieve the data contained in these packages.

This new project confirms the know-how of CARL Software in the field of maintenance management for major national infrastructures. A notable example is France Télécom, where CARL Master manages over 8 million items of equipment.

October 1999: CARL Software Becomes an Official Partner of AFIM

AFIM logo

On 1st October 1999, Claude Pichot, President of AFIM (the French association of maintenance engineers and managers), and Eric Bonnet, CEO of CARL Software, signed a partnership agreement. This is the first time AFIM has signed this type of agreement with a software publisher. The agreement concerns two main areas:

> Research and Development Project
Together, CARL Software and AFIM are launching a research project that aims to improve certain functions of CMMS software, and most notably to improve functions that measure the true availability of production means.

> Active participation in AFIM seminars and think-tanks
CARL Software is making its expertise in the field of implementing Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) available to AFIM, whilst AFIM brings to CARL Software its solid experience of the world of maintenance and its constraints. Within this framework, CARL Software will provide AFIM with a number of top consultants who will be able to contribute in particular to seminars organised by AFIM.