CARL Master, the client/server solution

CARL Master is our client/server solution, the first version of which was released in 1996. Now at version 4.3 (released in March 2010), the application has proved its worth in a wide variety of situations.

CARL Master: a complete asset management package

CARL Master covers the entire range functional requirements for maintenance management, from describing your assets, managing work orders, controlling stock and purchases to tracking in-house and external resources.

Qualitative and technical savings

CARL Master provides:

  • A structured, graphical view of your facilities, with various classifications (geographic, functional, technological) enriched with dependency links (power supply network, circuits, fluids, energy, safety, etc.).
  • The certainty that work requests or preventive maintenance operations will never be overlooked.
  • The possibility of processing faults or incidents in detail by setting up and analysing machine histories.
  • Time savings during repetitive operations through a library of work templates.
  • More satisfied customers (production, users, etc.) through better responsiveness.
  • Improved reliability of sensitive equipment. 


Financial savings

CARL Master helps reduce direct and indirect costs:

  • Enhanced stock management (elimination of dead stock, optimised reordering).
  • Better control of failures, unscheduled shutdowns and loss of production due to faults.
  • Improved management of maintenance scheduling and time spent.
  • Extended equipment service life through better maintenance.
  • Preparation of annual markets, introduction of progress contracts with your service providers, with tangible bases for negotiation.
  • Reduced power consumption: well-maintained equipment consumes less.
  • Projected and simulated budgets and optimised scheduling.
  • Less time spent on administrative management of maintenance.


A response to new maintenance constraints

Better structured information and more thorough and rational procedures contribute to the success of your ISO quality approach. Constraints linked to ATEX directives can be taken into account by CARL Master. By factoring in Basic Maintenance aspects, CARL Master guides you in implementing TPM (Total Productive Maintenance). Communication between maintenance and production departments is improved by drawing up maintenance and production dashboards with common indicators. Functions to integrate production events in the maintenance management system enable a coherent OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) value to be calculated. CARL Master also helps manage constraints linked to buildings and utilities, safety, the environment and waste management.

Clear indicators to assist in making the right decisions

CARL Master is a part of the company’s information and supervision system. In this capacity, it provides functions for developing technical and financial dashboards. The application can be interfaced to the company’s other information systems (e-mail, ERP, BAS/BMS, reporting tools, expert systems, etc.).

Better information improves confidence when making operational or strategic decisions.

CARL Master adapts to your organisation

Unlike many other applications on the market, which claim to suit all needs with a single version, CARL Master enables you to tailor your maintenance management system to suit your actual requirements, avoiding unnecessary expenditure and complexity and reducing the time spent on settings and deployment. CARL Master adapts to your actual requirements in three ways:

  • Versions for different fields: Specific versions of CARL Master are available for industry, asset management, healthcare and public transport. These areas of business have different priorities and different objectives for their maintenance management system, and we have factored this into the design.
  • Functional modularity: CARL Master combines modularity and adaptability. You choose only the modules you need, and progress at your own pace. You can start with work order management, and add the “Stock” pack at a later date, for example.
  • An application scaled to suit the size and complexity of your company: CARL Master offers three configuration levels: Smart, Expert and Enterprise. The Smart version puts the emphasis on ease of use and speedy deployment. The Expert version provides a wealth of functions and greater integration abilities, whilst the Enterprise version has numerous supplementary features to cater for multi-site management and provision of custom features.


As all the versions are based around a common technical core, compatibility from one version to another is guaranteed. Furthermore you automatically benefit from improvements which affect all areas.

CARL Master: continuity guaranteed

Although the first version of CARL Master dates back to 1996, CARL Software will continue to maintain the application until at least 2018.