CARL Master: Technical features

CARL Master is our client/server solution, the first version of which was released in 1996. Now at version 4.3 (released in March 2010), the application has proved its worth in a wide variety of situations.

CARL Master: Windows and client/server

CARL Master uses a client/server architecture, with Windows client workstations and an Oracle database server. If you are looking for a Java / HTML application, click here to discover our CARL Source range.

Perfect Internet integration

Although developed as a client/server application, CARL Master Web Edition has been adapted to be fully accessible over Internet using a web browser (thin client using TSE). The n-tier architecture reduces deployment and operating costs, making CARL Master potentially accessible from anywhere in the world.

CARL Master remains a Windows application, but its user interface is adapted for Internet use.

ASP deployment

CARL Master can be deployed in ASP mode, relieving you of all hardware and software investments other than ordinary workstations with access to the Internet. CARL Master and all the required software are hosted in our secure datacentre. Your custom access to the software, together with the required software and hardware maintenance, are offered for a fixed annual fee. We deal with all technical constraints (backups, updates, etc.) for you.

ORACLE® : reliability and speed at the heart of your CMMS

CARL Master has been specially designed for Oracle®. The result is that response times are optimized and there is guaranteed compatibility with all current and future standards - plus maximum referential integrity and transactional security.

CARL Master: the solution integrated into the company’s information system

> Seamless integration with your internal applications
Communicate very easily with all company software: LDAP directory, purchasing, accounting, BAS/BMS, ERP or CAPM system (Baan®, JD Edwards®, Movex®, Oracle application®, SAP®, etc.). Analyse your data using standard query tools (Business Objects®, Excel®, Query®, etc.) and decision support tools.

> Integrated document management
Use the document management system built into the application to associate multimedia documents (Word®, AutoCAD® , MS Project®, etc.) with any sheets (equipment, articles, etc.). These documents can either be administered using an external EDM system or directly stored in the CARL Master database.

> Integration with an Internet portal
CARL Master can be integrated into an Internet portal covering more than just maintenance management. If necessary, a dedicated web front end opens work request entry to the broadest possible range of users, extending beyond just the maintenance department.

A completely customisable application

> Customised management
You can associate customisable data entry screens and printed reports with each user group, presenting information in a way which facilitates data entry for that group. Dynamic data formatting is also possible (colours, invisible fields, required fields, etc.). The application can also be customised to suit your usual terminology, your management methods, your organisation, and so on. When CARL Master is upgraded, your customisations are retrieved automatically by default.

> Fine-grained management of access rights, approval and traceability circuits
CARL Master gives fine control over each user’s access rights, which can be assigned right down to individual data entry fields. Each user’s access can be restricted to only those sections with which they are directly involved, particularly for multi-site management. The Workflow module can also define approval or information flow circuits to suit your business rules. Likewise, certain operations may be restricted to defined limits (for example, purchase request confirmation circuits depending on authorisation thresholds). Lastly CARL Master’s “Track” pack can be used to sign certain documents or events electronically and automatically archive them in order to comply with regulatory requirements or internal control constraints.

Proven data synchronisation solutions

In addition to the synchronisation possibilities with our handheld terminal solutions, CARL Master can manage standalone databases that cannot communicate continuously with the central database due to their location (on board ships, at distant sites, etc.). A special module synchronises these remote databases so that purchases can be pooled and financial and technical data consolidated, with no loss of integrity even over unreliable networks (satellite connections, etc.).

CARL Master: continuity guaranteed

Although the first version of CARL Master dates back to 1996, CARL Software will continue to maintain the application until at least 2018.