CARL Source:
maintenance management unleashes all its power!

Discover the "CARL Source Life"

A new EAM / CMMS generation

Building on its almost 30 years of experience in asset management and maintenance management systems, CARL Source is CARL Software’s most recent application.

CARL Source has been completely overhauled to suit today’s new maintenance and asset management requirements.

A solution tailored to your organisation

In addition to conventional maintenance management, CARL Source aims to take care of all financial, technical, regulatory, quality or property processes related to your company’s assets.

For this reason CARL Source is tailored to the specific needs of your industry and the scale of your company.

CARL Source is available in a number of industry-specific versions:

  • Factory: production equipment, handling equipment, special or technical equipment (meters, measuring or controlling devices, research center, etc.).
  • Facility: buildings, offices, infrastructures open to the public (shopping centres, council offices, chambers of commerce, airports, etc.) and associated facilities.
  • Transport: rolling stock and fixed transport facilities.
  • Healthcare: hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, etc.

As well as industry-specific versions, CARL Source offers 4 configuration levels: Smart, Expert, Enterprise and Corporate:

  • The Smart version puts the emphasis on ease of use, speedy deployments and is very competitively priced.
  • The Expert version covers the requirements of medium sized maintenance departments: this version provides a wealth of functions, and meets the standard needs of maintenance departments, and more.
  • The Enterprise version suits projects with a large number of users, requiring significant customization or imposing a complex hardware and software architecture.
  • The Corporate version is designed for large-scale projects (national or international centralized deployment), in contexts that can be multilingual (multiple nationalities exploiting the same database).

All the versions are based on a common technical core guaranteeing easy changes from one version to another.

CARL Source is available in many languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, etc.).

The most advanced software technology

Based around a web-native architecture, CARL Source meets the latest technological requirements (Web 2.0, Java, XML, Web Services, SOA, etc.) and the needs of users in the field.

Particular attention has been paid to ensure that its interface is user-friendly, powerful and simple, whilst remaining fully compliant with web user standards. In addition, it is highly customisable and extendable (additional fields, tailored report workflow, custom main screen and dashboards, modifiable data-entry screens and printed reports, etc.).

CARL Source leaves you a great degree of freedom in your chosen technology. It provides a solution tailored for all types of architecture (from standalone workstations to highly sophisticated network configurations).

A major aspect that sets CARL Source apart from its competitors is that users are not bound to proprietary solutions, in that open source products can be used for all components of the architecture. It can also operate with leading proprietary solutions (Microsoft, Oracle, etc.). CARL Source is also inherently open to other IS applications via integrated web services (SOA). Lastly, CARL Source can be deployed without installing any programs on the client workstation, reducing deployment costs.

For more information about the technical characteristics of the CARL Source line, click here.