Usability and client terminals

All you need to use CARL Source is a workstation with a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. CARL Source is a purely HTML solution, so no plugins or code need to be downloaded on client terminals (standard thin client). This choice is your guarantee that in addition to being extremely user friendly and easy to learn, it is also compatible with all web standards. Its usability is enriched with Web 2.0 features, including Ajax technology, which avoids having to reload entire web pages needlessly.

Designed using truly innovative choices, CARL Source features a wealth of software services and is both easy to use and simple to learn.

A completely customisable application

A management software package must be able to adapt to the environment of any company and still benefit from the state of the art and know-how available on the market.

• A solution that is both customisable and extendible

CARL Source features a configurable dictionary that defines the set of “objects” that are managed by the application (table, data fields, etc.). It provides you with wide possibilities for customising and extending the standard application: terminology, constraints on data, and the behaviour of each field are easily adaptable.

CARL Source proposes a configurable state workflow that is associated with the main operating processes so that it can easily adapt to the methods in use in your organisation. For example, you can easily add new states to a work order (e.g. waiting for approval from fire department) and describe their sequences with the application’s standard states.

Everyone can have their own “customised home screen” with their favourite menus and functions as well as their own customised dashboard.

You can easily create and modify input or search screens, reports or any type of behaviour in particular. Each one, assigned to a user or group of maintenance workers, allows you to adjust how information is presented and makes viewing and entering this information easy, particularly thanks to dynamic data formatting (colours, hidden fields, compulsory fields, etc.).

Lastly – and this is no small matter for those who have experienced laborious software migration processes – customised settings are automatically retrieved each time CARL Source is updated.

• A product that is multisite, multicompany and multilingual

CARL Source is natively designed to manage several organisations, sites or companies. Users have access only to the information that they need.

Available in most European languages, CARL Source also supports multilingual use, meaning that it can be used simultaneously by people who do not speak the same language. The screens and data (such as text in reports) dynamically adjust to the language spoken by each user logged on to the system.