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Our solutions are used by tens of thousands of users around the world.
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Customer references by field

The lists below feature selected customer references, organised in four broad fields of business.

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  • Industry: production equipment, handling equipment, special or technical equipment (meters, measuring or controlling devices, research center, etc.).
  • Property management: buildings, offices, infrastructures open to the public (shopping centres, council offices, chambers of commerce, local or regional authorities, airports, etc.) and associated facilities.
  • Transport: rolling stock and fixed transport facilities.
  • Healthcare establishments: hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, etc.

CMMS projects: Press review and videos

You can also click here to view a selection of press reports about our customers and their CMMS or EAM projects.

More, you can discover movies shot at companies which are using our solutions, like the Eiffel Tower, CGGVeritas, Meubles Gautier, etc.

You can also play short videos (2-3 mn) presenting a selection of our references.