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CARL Software
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CARL Software is a European leader in maintenance management and asset management solutions.


Jean-Philippe CESARI

Sales director


“CARL’s originality stems from our approach tailored to different types of requirements. We make a point of distancing ourselves from the one-size-fits-all approach that all too many software packages seem to take.

Our product range is therefore split into a number of distinct lines: CARL Factory for industrial needs, CARL Facility for property assets, CARL Transport for rolling stock and fixed assets, and CARL Healthcare for hospital establishments. Each version incorporates features specific to the corresponding industry. CARL Software is one of the few non-specialist publishers to offer product lines segmented for different branches. Likewise, we have developed different versions to suit different-sized companies: getting the scale right is a key success factor in any software project. Lastly, our range also stands out by being truly modular: why should a customer be obliged to buy a stock control module if they don’t have a real need for it?

Our partnerships and our joint actions with the French Association of Maintenance Engineers (AFIM), the French Association of Facility Management (ARSEG) and the French Association of Biomedical Engineers (AFIB), help ensure that our software solutions and services correspond to the specific needs of each speciality.”


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