Logiciel de GMAO/CMMS et Asset Management | CARL Software

Optimise your parts inventories

Your spare parts and consumables are classified in family tree structures and linked to corresponding equipment.

Each item is described in a detailed record listing its characteristics, assignment accounts, storage locations, vendor terms and other information.

CARL Source provides batch and serial number management so that you can track the quality of certain types of parts using criteria such as manufacturer lot, consideration of expiration dates, asset component exchanges, tracking of repairable items, and more.

Lower your inventory costs

Inventory movements (reservations, inward and outward movements, transfers between warehouses, etc.) made in connection with maintenance and purchasing processes are recorded to adjust the quantities available in each warehouse.

Replenishment is triggered when available quantities reach a minimum level. Reservation dates and expected delivery dates and vendor delivery dates are taken into account to ensure greater accuracy.