Analyse your business

  • Customisable home portal (memos, reports, favourite functions, diagrams, thumbnail indicators or graphs, etc.) in relation to the user’s profile (managers, occupiers, service providers, internal technical services, citizens, etc.) to facilitate access to information and decision-making.
  • Customisable full text search (data or features) to speed up navigation.
  • Complete library of editing and analysis reports: business dashboards, ABC classification of assets by maintenance cost, MKBF (mean kilometers between failures), mileage costs, fuel costs, breakdown of maintenance work by type (incidents, vandalism, corrective action, etc.), availability of rolling stock, ABC classification of categories by inventory value, analysis of symptoms, causes, solutions, etc).
  • Custom dashboards using standard indicators (equipment breakdown, maintenance work in progress, etc.) or customised indicators.
  • Cost control organized by financial year according to the three methods of accounting: cost accounting, management accounting and financial accounting.