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Which CMMS software to use for my business?

Business Field
Business Field

A CMMS solution adapted to your business sector

Agri-food, water and sanitation, real estate, retail, transport, hospitals, etc. CARL Source CMMS can be adapted to your organisation depending on your business sector and the size of your organisation.


CARL Source CMMS business sectors


CMMS for Industry 4.0

CMMS for the food, chemical, automotive, steel, plastics and paper industries…

CARL Source Factory


CMMS for the environmental sector

Water & sanitation (network and distribution), waste treatment, solar and electrical energy…).

CARL Source Factory

Real estate

Technical asset management and CMMS for real estate

Buildings, offices, public buildings, social housing, hotels, university campuses, etc.

CARL Source Facility

Wholesale distribution

Technical asset management and CMMS for retail and point of sale

Warehouses, distribution centres, logistics warehouses…

CARL Source Facility


Technical asset management and CMMS for infrastructures

Airports, ports, railways, engineering structures, stations, roads, stadiums, swimming pools…

CARL Source Facility

Maintenance service providers

CMMS for Facility Management providers

Technical asset management and CMMS for facility management providers.

CARL Source Facility

Local authorities & administrations

Technical asset management and CMMS for local authorities and administrations

Regional councils, departmental councils, metropolises, ministries, communities of municipalities, professional unions, etc.

CARL Source City

Healthcare institutions

CMMS for medical and hospital facilities

Hospitals, University Hospital Centres (CHU), clinics, EPHAD…

CARL Source Health


CMMS for the Supply Chain

Warehouses, goods transport
rail, road, sea, river…

CARL Source Transport

Transport & vehicle fleets

CMMS for Transport and vehicle fleets

Metros, trams, buses, trains, bicycles, trucks, public works machinery, etc.

CARL Source Transport


Latest generation CMMS / TPM solution

Take a look at CARL Source V6 CMMS

CARL Source


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