CARL Pilot
The CARL Pilot methodology

CARL Pilot

A full range of services

CARL Pilot is a structuring methodology for the management and success of your CMMS projects.

Thanks to this proven methodology, we can manage all your projects, from the simplest to the most complex, with a commitment to deadlines and results. We can also intervene as a prime contractor or as a subcontractor working with an integrator.

Beyond the methodology, CARL Pilot integrates a complete range of custom services. It includes services to ensure optimal conditions for the implementation of the software: preliminary studies, ROI (return on investment), training for senior-level personnel and for users, recovery of pre-existing data, parameterization, interfaces with other applications, network engineering work, databases, custom software developments…
Our teams are also experts in migrating your legacy software to CARL.

Personalized support at all steps of your project

Each project has its own particularities; that’s why we design custom support formulas that cover all your needs, from skills transfers to turnkey services.

Throughout your project, our teams bring you their know-how on a wide variety of topics:

  1. Installing our products,
  2. Functional training,
  3. Technical training,
  4. Custom developments,
  5. Transferring your data;
  6. Interfaces,
  7. (custom) adaptations,
  8. Advice,
  9. Project management,
  10. Operational implementation,
  11. Third-Party Application Maintenance services.

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