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Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS): Services associated.
Hosted service, methodology, choice of a CMMS and assistance contracts.

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The hosted service

CARL Cloud: running in ASP/SaaS

The hosted service for CARL Source et CARL Touch.
If you want, CARL Source can be run via our CARL Cloud service (in ASP/SaaS mode).

CARL cloud

The methodology

CARL Pilot

Whatever CARL software package you need, we can provide you with partial or full assistance in implementing and using it. We have developed a specific methodology to help us to do so. We call it  CARL Pilot.

CARL Pilot


how to choose a CMMS software?

What is a CMMS? How defining the True Requirements?
Discover the steps to Successful CMMS Implementation.

Choose a CMMS Software

The assistance contracts

Contracts FLASH / GOLD

A hotline is often a software company’s weakest link. Not so at CARL Software; the great importance we place on the quality and responsiveness of our customer support services is the reason why 98% of our assistance contracts are renewed each year.

Contrats Flash / Gold