Digital twinning of technical equipment, infrastructure and networks
Asset management platform – ASSET DIGITAL TWIN

EAM & CMMS Solutions


To meet the challenges of Maintenance 4.0, our Technical Asset Management (TAM) and Computer-aided Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) solution will evolve towards a  unified technical platform for equipment management combining Business Processes, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Here, our aim is to offer a digital twin of real estate, infrastructure and technical assets.
This digital twin will be at the same time, a real-time operating twin, a graphic or cartographic twin and a  “life cycle and management” twin. All connected to the Internet and integrated into the information system.

« …evolve towards a unified technical platform for equipment »

This platform will bring new services such as : predictive maintenance of a complete installation, maintenance assisted by augmented reality, etc.

This universal concept can be adapted to all fields of activity, including industry, real estate, transport, healthcare, urban development, and more. An essential building block for projects relating to industry 4.0, smart buildings and smart cities.

These concepts call for a complete revolution in industrial and territorial management processes, and promise significant gains in terms of efficiency and flexibility, with numerous effects on the environment, organization of work, society and even the applicable legislation.

Digital twin of equipment assets
Asset management platform

Mobile EAM solutions


Mobile field applications

CARL Touch

Mobile CMMS for technicians and stock managers.

CARL Touch

CARL Xpress

Works reports in express mode.

CARL Xpress

CARL Flash

Application of public service requests.

CARL Flash

Graphic integration and interaction



Viewing equipment and assets using maps.



Mapping and geolocation of equipment, networks, buildings, infrastructure.



Integration of 3D models (buildings, infrastructures, networks) in CARL Source using the IFC connector.


IoT Platform & Artificial Intelligence Supported Maintenance


Valuation of field data (connected objects, connected machines) for optimal maintenance triggering, wear and tear prediction and failure analysis.


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