2D and 3D graphic and cartographic management

CARL Maps – 2D and 3D graphic and cartographic management

Graphical interaction with your assets, infrastructures and networks

With CARL Maps, visualize, use, and interact with your maps, plans and digital mock-ups directly and natively from CARL Source:

  • Integration of building or infrastructure data from your .DWG plans or BIM models.
  • Geo-positioning of equipment and place of execution of service orders.
  • Actions triggered from maps or plans: maintenance and diagnostic rounds, etc.
  • Multi-scale navigation from maps to inside buildings and infrastructures.
  • Universal search for equipment or service orders from maps and plans.
  • Manual or automatic pairing of equipment on the GIS/plans with equipment in the CMMS.
  • Graphical analyses of data by theme (occupations, geographic zones, etc.) to refine maintenance decisions.

« Use and interact with your maps and plans directly and natively from CARL Source. »

3 solutions adapted to your business context

CARL Maps is a global solution integrated into CARL Source, consisting of 3 complementary products tailored to your needs.

  • CARL Maps – GIS: Integration with your 2D maps published using the ArcGIS (ESRI©) or from our open source cartographic engine, to manage your linear equipment (railways and roads, wet networks, dry networks, signage,) or point equipment spread over a territory (public lighting, parks and gardens, etc.).
  • CARL Maps – CAD: Integration with your 2D plans in .DWG format (AUTOCAD©, ARCHICAD©…) to manage buildings (housing, administrative buildings, offices, hospitals, workshops, warehouses…) and large infrastructures (airports, ports, engineering structures…).
  • CARL Maps – BIM & CIM: Operation and integration of your 3D BIM models thanks to the IFC connector.

With CARL Maps, whatever the scale of representation, you have an overview of your assets, can navigate inside your buildings or infrastructures, and can interact with your equipment intuitively.


Presentation of CARL BERGER-LEVRAULT in 7 minutes.

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