Our mobile CMMS and equipment maintenance applications

Take a look at our mobile CMMS solutions for maintenance and operation.

Mobile Apps solutions
Mobile applications for CMMS and equipment maintenance.

Optimise your performance thanks to mobility

Remote CMMS

CARL Touch, CARL Flash, CARL Xpress meet the new needs for digitised maintenance in connection with the software of CMMS CARL Source.
Focused on use and real time, these applications make CARL Berger-Levrault the leading player in Collaborative, mobility-oriented maintenance.

The range of CMMS mobile applications

A complete collaborative maintenance ecosystem to manage your equipment, infrastructure, buildings…
Discover our three mobile solutions for field users.

CARL Touch

Carry out your maintenance activities in the field.

Perform all technical activities: asset inventory, maintenance activity, spare parts management. Sanitation (network and distribution), waste treatment, solar energy, electricity, etc.).

CARL Touch

CARL Flash

Digitalize service requests.

Digitalize the issuance of requests, exchange and provide information on the progress of work in real time.

CARL Flash

CARL Xpress

Write your express works reports.

Make multimedia report writing for all technical acts related to equipment (maintenance, production or operation) faster.

CARL Xpress

Mobile CMMS solutions

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Enjoy a global digital coverage of your maintenance and operation activities

Online processes

  • Service requests.
  • Dispatching work.
  • Diagnostic assistance.
  • Work reports.
  • Customer signatures.
  • Inventory management.

For all stakeholders

  • Technical and maintenance managers.
  • Maintenance or after-sales service technicians.
  • Maintenance contractors.
  • Inventory managers.
  • Operators.
  • Production officers.
  • Users of property, equipment or public space.

With tangible benefits

Collect 100% of service requests digitally
Increase your responsiveness and traceability
Improve exchanges and quality of service
Accelerate troubleshooting efficiency
Reduce the time taken to write reports
Make the quality of reports more reliable
Optimise your indicators and analyses
Control 100% of the activity in real time

3 mobile solutions for every need

CARL Flash

  • Report a malfunction on an equipment.
  • Issue a request for work, renovation.
  • Request a service: a badge, a cleaning operation, supplies…
  • Alert and facilitate association to existing requests to avoid unnecessary call-outs.
  • Follow the progress of requests in real time.
  • Relaunch a request to speed up its processing.
  • Discuss with technical services via Chat.

Carl Flash

CARL Touch

  • Inventory and update all assets.
  • Declaring asset events.
  • Check the list of activities to be carried out.
  • Write intervention reports, with customer signature.
  • Record all the activities carried out: maintenance, travel, etc.
  • Get troubleshooting assistance:
    history of interventions, fault trees, item nomenclatures…
  • Impose an on-site roll call.
  • Report malfunctions or create new tasks.
  • Access the article catalog.
  • Manage the stocks of fixed or mobile stores: entries, exits, transfers, inventories…
  • Receive goods and manage disputes.

Carl Touch

CARL Xpress

  • Check the list of works to be carried out.
  • Write reports:
    maintenance, TPM level 1…
  • Declare new activities.
  • Facilitate travel.
  • Share with remote experts via Chat.

Carl Xpress

Mobile CMMS solutions for maintenance and operation.