Facility Management, an innovative solution for technical asset management
Property maintenance and asset managemente

Facility Management, technical asset management

CMMS for facility and property management
Optimize the maintenance and operation of your real estate assets

Optimize the maintenance and operation of your real estate assets.

General services, technical teams, property managers, service providers and facility managers, you need to guarantee the performance of your facilities. This means ensuring real-time knowledge of all equipment and infrastructure, equipment availability, compliance with legal rules and obligations, optimal management of expenses and contracts, and the safety of goods and people.

  • Increase the lifespan of
    your assets

    In the facility management sector, CMMS helps to plan, organize and monitor maintenance activities for assets and technical equipment such as air conditioning and fire-fighting systems. By using a CMMS, facility managers can better manage their preventive and corrective maintenance, and diagnose technical problems quickly. Equipment is thus maintained in operational condition, helping to increase its lifespan by around 5 to 10%..

  • Improve your energy

    CMMS can help facility managers plan and track inspections and maintenance of their most energy-intensive equipment, such as air handling units, heating and lighting, with the aim of reducing energy consumption. In addition, CMMS can track equipment energy efficiency to identify opportunities for upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment.

  • Increase equipment and asset availability

    Facility Management uses CMMS to guarantee the performance of installations. CMMS quickly detects potential problems and optimizes the maintenance and operation of property assets by efficiently planning maintenance tasks. It also manages stocks of spare parts, so that equipment can be repaired quickly in the event of a breakdown. Facility management staff therefore have an effective tool at their disposal to maximize the availability of equipment and installations.

  • Réduisez les coût de stocksReduce maintenance and contract costs

    In the field of facilities management, CMMS is software that helps reduce maintenance costs by providing an overview of associated costs, such as labor, inventory and purchasing. It helps to proactively plan maintenance interventions by switching from a curative to a preventive mode, thus reducing downtime and repair costs.
    In addition, CMMS optimizes the management of technicians’ schedules by assigning them tasks according to their availability, skills and the urgency of the maintenance work to be carried out, thus improving their productivity while reducing costs. It also keeps track of equipment under warranty or contract, thus avoiding repair costs borne by a third party. In short, CMMS is an invaluable tool for improving equipment management efficiency and reducing maintenance costs in facility management.

“At Zagreb Airport, our predictive maintenance enables us to achieve 99.9% equipment availability thanks to the power of the BL Predict IoT platform combined with CARL Source.”

Benoit Lepointe, Head of Maintenance Engineering – Alstef Group

Facility Management professions
Discover our Technical Asset Management solution in action in the Facility Management sector

Facility Manager | CMMS

Facility Managers & After-Sales Service

Optimize your asset management and ensure user satisfaction with CMMS. Simplify fault reporting and optimize your technicians’ efficiency with mobile CMMS applications. Create a digital twin and access real-time data to improve interventions with our CMMS software.


CMMS CARL Source Facility

Property management

As a technical property manager, you face challenges such as planning and coordinating work to avoid breakdowns, and complying with strict safety standards. You must also take into account the energy management of buildings to optimize their performance and reduce costs.
Meet these challenges with our facility management expertise.


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CMMS CARL Source Facility

Facility Management | CMMS EAM
Airports - Ports | CMMS EAM


As professionals in the airport and port sector, you need to maintain safe, reliable infrastructures. The service provided to passengers and travelers is essential. You need to maintain equipment in operational condition and manage safety risks.
Optimize your maintenance processes thanks to our expertise in this field.


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Whether you’re responsible for managing water, wastewater, electricity, gas or telecommunications networks, you’re well aware of the importance of maintaining these infrastructures in operational condition to guarantee safety and quality of service for users. Rely on our expertise in this sector to ensure compliance with current standards and regulations, to extend the lifespan of your infrastructures and to optimize your maintenance costs!


CMMS CARL Source Facility

Networks | CMMS EAM
Museums, parks, hotels | CMMS EAM

Museums, parks, hotels

If you’re involved in the museum, park or hotel sectors, you know that maintenance is a major issue. It’s about protecting works of art, ensuring the safety of visitors and staff, satisfying customers, complying with standards and regulations, managing costs and contributing to the sustainability of your business. Find out how CMMS is essential for keeping your facilities running smoothly and preserving your cultural and environmental heritage.


CMMS CARL Source Facility

Social landlords

Managing your property assets is a complex and important task for social landlords. The maintenance of your buildings represents a significant proportion of your costs, while having a direct impact on the comfort and safety of your tenants. The use of a CMMS can prove essential. It enables you to plan maintenance work efficiently, track work history and better control maintenance costs. What’s more, CMMS facilitates communication and collaboration between all those involved in maintenance.
With the help of our experience, you can benefit from a key tool for ensuring the good condition and durability of your property assets, while guaranteeing the satisfaction of your occupants!


CMMS CARL Source Facility

Social landlords | CMMS EAM software
Retail, Concessions and Car Parks | CMMS EAM

Retail, Concessions and Car Parks

As professionals in the retail sector, you face major challenges in keeping your assets in good working order and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. CMMS can help you meet these challenges by enabling you to effectively track and manage your assets, reduce maintenance costs, improve service quality, ensure regulatory compliance and manage risk. Keep your facilities and equipment in good working order to provide a safe and pleasant environment for your customers.


CMMS CARL Source Facility


In the education sector, it’s essential to guarantee the safety of students and the reliability of equipment and systems. You face challenges such as the complexity of equipment and technologies, the need to comply with strict safety standards, and managing the risks associated with breakdowns or technical failures. Our expertise can help you improve the quality of your maintenance.


CMMS CARL Source Facility

Education | CMMS Software

CMMS solution for the facility management sector

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Facility Management & Technical Asset Management News

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