Extend the life of your equipment

Extend the service life of your industrial equipment

Improve your energy performance

Improve the energy performance of your healthcare facility

Optimize the availability of your equipment and facilities

Optimize rolling stock availability

Reduce your maintenance costs

Reduce maintenance and contract costs

Improve the satisfaction of your users, occupants...

Improve the satisfaction of your users, occupants…

Increase productivity

Increase productivity

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Success Story | Renault Trucks and CMMS CARL Source

CMMS software to meet the challenges of the truck industry

Why did Renault Trucks choose CARL Source Factory CMMS software for its maintenance performance improvement strategy?

With 10,000 employees in 150 countries, and more than 58,900 vehicles to be sold by 2022, Renault Trucks is one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of transport solutions.

Find out more about the deployment and use of CARL Source Factory CMMS, from Vincent Hopital, IT Project Manager at Renault Trucks.

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