Extend the life of your equipment

Extend the service life of your industrial equipment

Improve your energy performance

Improve the energy performance of your healthcare facility

Optimize the availability of your equipment and facilities

Optimize rolling stock availability

Reduce your maintenance costs

Reduce maintenance and contract costs

Improve the satisfaction of your users, occupants...

Improve the satisfaction of your users, occupants…

Increase productivity

Increase productivity

Customer success stories
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CMMS and maintenance customer success stories:

Alstef: maintaining airport baggage sorting systems

Alstef’s airport sites set the pace for innovation.
The Alstef group designs, integrates and maintains automated solutions for the airport, intralogistics and parcel sorting sectors, and employs over 800 people worldwide. The Alstef Automation business unit operates in two sectors: automated pallet handling and storage for manufacturers, and the integration of hold baggage sorting systems for airports worldwide. Alstef’s airport sites are located on five continents. To meet its commitments to customers, Alstef Automation uses CARL Source Facility CMMS software to manage its airports, baggage flows and maintenance operations.

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