CMMS in the industrial sector
Optimize your maintenance performance

Guarantee the best operating conditions for industrial equipment.

You are responsible for ensuring that industrial equipment and associated infrastructures (workshops, buildings, networks, etc.) operate optimally in a competitive and demanding environment. This includes maximizing production tool availability, complying with regulations, meeting quality targets, optimizing costs, ensuring safety and employee satisfaction.

  • Extend the service life of your industrial equipment

    Computer-aided maintenance management (CMMS) is a computerized system that helps plan, organize and track maintenance activities on industrial equipment. By using a CMMS, companies can better manage their preventive and corrective maintenance. Equipment is properly maintained and in optimum working order, helping to increase its lifespan by around 5 to 10%.

  • Improve your energy

    CMMS can help industrial companies to plan and track inspections and maintenance of their equipment, so as to reduce energy consumption and target the equipment that consumes the most. With better scheduling of interventions, CMMS can optimize the management of technician travel and associated costs. Finally, CMMS can track the energy efficiency of equipment to identify opportunities for upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment.

  • Optimize the availability of your equipment and facilities

    CMMS enables industrial equipment to be planned and monitored to prevent breakdowns and unnecessary downtime. It also enables equipment status to be monitored and potential problems to be detected quickly. It optimizes equipment utilization by efficiently scheduling maintenance tasks and avoiding unnecessary duplication. Finally, it manages spare parts inventories so that equipment can be repaired quickly in the event of a breakdown. This enables companies to maximize the availability of their equipment and industrial facilities.

  • Réduisez les coût de stocksReduce inventory

    Inventory costs can be reduced by optimizing minimum and maximum thresholds, by using optimized replenishment functions that take into account future bookings and work, and by avoiding overstocking through efficient scheduled maintenance. For companies with multiple sites, stock pooling enables group-wide management of minimum stock levels. Indicators such as dormant stocks also enable storage costs to be adjusted regularly to bring them into line with usage. These measures help to reduce the cost of spare parts immobilization and optimize the cost of ownership.

« The CARL Berger-Levrault support team is extremely responsive and always has an effective response »

Olivier Gillard, Maintenance Manager at SCAM

Industrial professions
Discover a CMMS designed and developed for the industrial sector

Food industry | CMMS EAM

The food industry

To guarantee the safety and quality of food products, maintenance must meet stringent requirements: traceability, keeping equipment in operational condition, rapid response times… Find out more about our expertise in food industry maintenance.


CMMS CARL Source Factory

The pharmaceutical industry

Maintenance in the pharmaceutical sector is a major challenge, due to the complexity of equipment and automated systems, as well as strict quality and safety requirements. Take advantage of our solutions and in-depth expertise to improve your maintenance in this field.


Find out more about the pharmaceutical industry

CMMS CARL Source Factory

Pharmaceutical industry | CMMS EAM
Industry Water & Wastewater - CMMS EAM

Water & Sanitation

As a player in the water and wastewater sector, you are responsible for guaranteeing the distribution of drinking water and complying with public health standards. Your maintenance processes for all your equipment, networks and infrastructures must be 100% efficient. Rely on our expertise in the water sector to optimize your maintenance.


CMMS CARL Source Factory

Aeronautics, aerospace and defense sector

You are responsible for ensuring the safety and reliability of equipment and systems in the aerospace sector. You face challenges such as: the complexity of equipment and technologies, the need to comply with strict safety standards, and managing the risks associated with breakdowns or technical failures.
Take advantage of our state-of-the-art solutions and our experience to optimize your maintenance management.


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Aerospace industry | CMMS EAM
Process industry | CMMS EAM

Process industry

As a player in the process industry, you need to guarantee machine availability and the productivity of the entire line. Preventive and predictive maintenance are essential to anticipate hazards. From paper mills to continuous casting in the steel industry, find out more about our approach to the sector and how we can help you with your maintenance.


CMMS CARL Source Factory

The manufacturing industry

In the manufacturing sector, production and maintenance guarantee optimum productivity. Here, the maintenance activity must meet equipment reliability requirements, and can rely on our CMMS to structure all these processes.


CMMS CARL Source Factory

Manufacturing industry | CMMS

CMMS solution for the industrial sector

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