Maintenance for Transport and Vehicle Fleets
CMMS for fleets and asset management

CMMS for Transport and Vehicle Fleets

CMMS in the Transport sector
Optimize your maintenance performance

Guarantee user satisfaction and the best operating conditions.

As technical director or maintenance manager for rolling stock or fixed installations, you need to guarantee the best operating conditions for your rolling stock, fixed or linear infrastructures, as well as the satisfaction of your users. You also need to monitor your activity in real time, comply with legal obligations and optimize your costs by using appropriate solutions.

  • Extend the service life of your rolling stock and fixed installations

    In the transport sector, CMMS is a computerized system that helps plan, organize and track rolling stock maintenance activities. By using a CMMS, companies in the transport sector can better manage their preventive and corrective maintenance. Rolling stock as well as fixed and linear installations are properly maintained and in optimum working order, helping to increase their lifespan by around 5 to 10%.

  • Improve your energy

    CMMS can help companies plan and track equipment inspections and maintenance, so as to reduce energy consumption and target the equipment that consumes the most. With better scheduling of interventions, CMMS can optimize the management of technician travel and associated costs. Finally, CMMS can track the energy efficiency of equipment to identify opportunities for upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment.

  • Optimize rolling stock

    CMMS can be used to plan and monitor the condition of rolling stock and vehicles, as well as fixed and linear installations. It enables optimum management of maintenance tasks by scheduling them according to the availability of technicians and the urgency of interventions. Spare parts stock management also ensures rapid repair in the event of breakdown, optimizing the use of the company’s fleet of vehicles.

  • Réduisez les coût de stocksReduce your asset maintenance costs

    CMMS is software that helps reduce maintenance costs by providing a global view of associated costs, such as labor, inventory and purchasing. It enables maintenance work to be planned proactively, shifting from a curative to a preventive mode, thus reducing downtime and repair costs. In addition,
    it optimizes technician scheduling by assigning tasks according to their availability, skills and the urgency of the maintenance to be carried out, thus improving their productivity while reducing costs.
    Finally, CMMS keeps track of equipment under warranty or contract, thus avoiding repair costs borne by a third party. In short, CMMS is a valuable tool for improving equipment management efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

“The CARL Berger-Levrault support team is extremely responsive and always has an effective answer.”

Olivier Gillard, Maintenance Manager at SCAM

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Discover a unique CMMS for rolling stock, fixed and linear installations.

Rolling stock | CMMS EAM

Rolling stock

As technical director or maintenance manager, your mission is to maximize vehicle utilization while reducing downtime. To achieve this, it is essential to carry out preventive and corrective maintenance to minimize the risk of breakdowns, and to guarantee rapid, effective interventions. Overcome these constraints and discover our expertise in rolling stock maintenance.

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Maintenance of fixed installations

To maintain fixed and linear installations safely and comply with environmental and regulatory standards, you need to put in place effective maintenance methods to optimize infrastructure lifespan and reduce costs and downtime. Our expertise in this field can help you meet these challenges with confidence.


CMMS CARL Source Transport

Maintenance of fixed installations | CMMS EAM Transport

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