CMMS and TAM for local authorities and administrations
Optimize the performance of your assets

CMMS and TAM for local authorities and administrations

CMMS for the management of local authorities and administrations
Optimize the performance of your assets

Optimize the performance of your assets.

Technical services, asset managers, water, green spaces, street lighting, signage, roads, engineering structures departments…
Guarantee the best operating and usage conditions for all your assets (infrastructures, buildings, equipment, networks), user safety and satisfaction, real-time monitoring of your activity, compliance with legal obligations, cost optimization…

  • Increase the lifespan of community assets and equipment

    For local authorities, CMMS is a system that helps to plan, organize and track maintenance activities for assets and technical equipment such as infrastructures, buildings, networks, etc. Using a CMMS, local authorities can better manage their preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as quickly diagnose technical problems. As a result, community assets are properly maintained and operating at optimum levels, helping to increase their lifespan by around 5 to 10%.

  • Improve your energy

    Thanks to a CMMS, local authorities and administrations can monitor their energy consumption in real time, detect anomalies quickly and optimize their energy performance. CMMS also enables key energy performance indicators to be tracked, making it easier to identify areas for improvement and implement corrective measures to improve overall energy performance.

  • Optimize equipment

    CMMS is an effective tool for increasing the availability of facilities and improving the quality and services offered to the public. By using CMMS to control maintenance planning, it is possible to make the availability of large infrastructures such as schools, swimming pools, playgrounds, buildings or association halls transparent. Efficient maintenance planning optimizes the availability of these facilities while limiting their impact on citizens or city stakeholders. In this way, work or maintenance can be organized in such a way as to minimize disruption to users, while maintaining the quality and availability of the facilities.

  • Improve your citizens’

    Users need equipment and services that operate reliably and efficiently. Thanks to transparency and direct communication with citizens concerning problems encountered on infrastructures (broken lights, damaged playgrounds…), CMMS improves the quality of services provided and thus user satisfaction.

“The interface and CMMS logic on CARL’s side is clear and easy to use.”

Christophe Gras, Maintenance Manager

Administrative and local authority professions
Discover a CMMS designed and developed for the management and maintenance of administrative equipment

Cities, agglomerations, metropolises | CMMS EAM

Cities, urban & metropolitan areas

In communities, it’s crucial to effectively manage urban equipment such as street lighting, furniture, road signs, etc., to ensure their smooth operation and the safety of citizens. The same applies to the maintenance of road infrastructures, public transport networks and green spaces, which all need regular upkeep. Finally, you need to be ready to prevent and manage natural hazards such as floods and storms, and technological risks (industrial accidents, fires…).
We are experts in this field, and we can help you meet your maintenance challenges.


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CMMS CARL Source City

Water stakeholders

If you’re involved in water management and protection, you need to consider maintenance issues such as aging infrastructure, quality problems, environmental degradation and pressure on water resources. Your actions ensure sustainable, efficient access to clean, safe water for all.
Take up these challenges and improve your performance thanks to our experience in this field.


CMMS CARL Source City

Water stakeholders | CMMS EAM
CMMS EAM for the public sector

Other local authorities (ministries, unions, etc.)

As the technical departments of ministries and public administrations responsible for the quality and safety of establishments open to the public, you need to ensure that your equipment is maintained in operational condition, that occupants are satisfied, manage your maintenance teams and subcontractors, and comply with contractual standards.
You must also take into account the energy management of buildings to optimize their performance and reduce costs.
Take up these challenges thanks to our experience in the management of public buildings and facilities.


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CMMS and TAM solutions for local authorities and government agenciess

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