The added benefits of a CMMS / TAM for real estate
Optimize your property maintenance and asset management with CARL Source Facility.

CMMS EAM Software - Asset Management | CARL Software

Keep track of your real estate, equipment, plots

Structure your real estate and property assets

CARL Source Facility helps you to structure the knowledge database of your assets throughout their life cycle:

  • Each key element of an asset (site, building, floor, room, plot, device, etc.) is described on an identity card: condition record, technical characteristics, warranties, multimedia documents, surface areas, depreciation values, occupied plots, geocoded routes & addresses, etc.
  • Interactive and intuitive multi-tree display of your equipment: functional, location, technical, etc.
  • Graphic navigation, integration and interactivity of diagrams and maps (GIS), 3D digital models (BIM), geolocation of equipment, etc.
  • Direct access to key information and to the e-record of devices (history of maintenance work, preventive plans, diagrams and drawings, risks, and precautions to be observed, etc.).
  • Visual representation of energy networks and utilities: immediate display of the consequences in the event of a failure occurring on a key device.
  • Track rental contracts (leases for landlords and tenants) from initial signature and walk-through report to receipts for rent and rental charges.
  • Manage tenants (associations, local authorities, legal entities, etc.) and optimize leased surfaces.

“Your buildings and infrastructures are described by easily understandable tree structures, along with a graphical or geographic representation.”

Guarantee equipment uptime and personnel safety

CARL Source Facility helps you to guarantee a high level of equipment uptime and ensures user safety:

  • Help Desk functions for users to improve responsiveness and their enjoyment of the quality of the service rendered.
  • Analysis and assistance with troubleshooting by presenting possible solutions according to the symptoms and the identified causes of failure.
  • Take account of regulatory constraints and safety registers to facilitate legal compliance.
  • Take account of the level of certification of the person(s) involved when assigning work tasks.

Track your service providers and manage your contracts

CARL Source Facility allows you to assess quality and keep the cost of supply contracts and subcontracting under control:

  • Manage purchases and stocks: purchasing contracts, procurement contracts, supplier qualification and indicators, manufacturer lots, etc.
  • Create a single article and service repository that includes the conditions negotiated in your contracts.
  • Import supplier catalogues and price updates.
  • Issue alert in the event of non-compliance with contractual obligations.
  • Quantified and objective elements to assess the performance of service providers.
  • Run checks to verify the actual presence of service providers.
  • Direct access to service providers verified as per the scope of current contracts.

Reconcile quality and budget control

With CARL Source Facility, you can ensure the operational worthiness of equipment while staying on budget:

  • Detailed cost breakdowns (asset purchases, service providers, design costs, etc.) with the management of approvals,
  • Manage subcontracting: a single repository system for contracts, alerts in the event of non-compliance with contractual obligations, objective indicators to assess service providers,
  • Alerts in the event of budget overruns,
  • Help in setting budget priorities through advanced simulations (forecast the annual preventive burden, forecast equipment usage, etc.).

Manage your property maintenance and asset management activities in real time

CARL Source Facility provides the information you would expect from a co-driver so that you can make the right decisions:

  • Immediate display, on the home screen, of the main operating indicators: equipment currently down, requests pending, purchases to be validated, contracts to be renewed.
  • Alerts in the event of an excessive occurrence of maintenance work for a given device (range of preventive measures suggested).
  • Optimized predictive maintenance based on data from the IoT* platform dedicated to maintenance.
  • Standardised indicators in the form of tables and graphs.
  • Graphic themes on maps (GIS) or diagrams to facility the maintenance policy.

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