CARL Xpress: Express mobile Maintenance work report application

CARL Xpress: Express maintenance reports mobile application

Draft express reports in just a few clicks

CARL Xpress is a mobile application for field Technicians and agents, enabling them to fill in their Maintenance work reports quickly and easily.

The mobile application is instantly synchronized with CARL Source CMMS software. Technicians, agents etc. can view Maintenance work and draw up related reports.

A simple application with many benefits:

  • Optimize traceability by tracking all actions performed: maintenance, production, operation…
  • Make it easier for technicians to get around thanks to geolocation of Maintenance work.
  • Chat easily with experts.
  • Use the application without effort or training, thanks to its modern, intuitive ergonomics.
  • Make it easy to open to service providers with secure, simplified access.
  • Benefit from multimedia functions: voice dictation, photos, barcodes, QRCode.
  • Customize CARL Xpress to suit your context: screens, vocabulary, branding…
  • Download from the store iOS or Android.

“Digitizing Maintenance work reports is a modern and effective way of improving equipment knowledge.”


CARL XPRESS: Schematic - Express maintenance reports.

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