Why choose CARL XPress mobile maintenance report application?
Benefits for maintenance managers, technical staff and maintenance subcontractors

Benefits for maintenance managers, technical staff and maintenance subcontractors – CARL Xpress

For the maintenance manager

The maintenance manager monitors all actions relating to Maintenance work, production, operations…
Data is synchronized between CARL Source and CARL Xpress, so Maintenance work is updated instantly.

CARL Xpress: Express maintenance reports mobile application

For technical staff

Users can see at a glance all Maintenance work in progress, as well as completed reports.

Interactive widgets make it easy to enter reports, allowing you to specify a location, record time spent, range operations, multimedia documents…

If a piece of equipment or a location is missing from the Maintenance work, the user can scan the QRCode or barcode required and automatically integrate it into CARL Xpress.

The status of the Maintenance work is also visible: in progress, paused, awaiting completion, etc. It can be modified using the list of different statuses available for the maintenance work.

Need to create a new report? Nothing could be simpler! Just click to access the creation wizard.

« Speed up the entry of all field reports. »

For external maintenance personnel

Simplify access for recording maintenance operations by other companyoperators.

For production staff: It’s easy for production staff to enter their level 1 maintenance operations. With no need for training, CARL Xpress enables you to dematerialize the history of your TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) activities.

For service providers: opening your CMMS system to external operators is often a complex task. With Xpress, you can recordtechnical actions of your maintenance service providers in a single application. You no longer need to re-enter this information after the fact.

For other: CARL Xpress opens the door to other departments within the company wthat  wish to trace technical acts on the property. These include teams in charge of facility security, who can record their rounds, and teams in charge of inventories or facility diagnostics…

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