CARL Source City
Software for the technical management of the assets and the networks of local authorities and administrations

CARL Source City
CARL Source City

The software package dedicated to the management of local authorities and administrations

CARL Source City features

CARL Source City

No matter what your administration (ministry, trade union, etc.) or your local authority (municipality, council, region, territory, state, etc.), and no matter the nature of the assets or networks for which you are responsible (parks, gardens, buildings, plots of land, educational establishment, water, sanitation, engineering structures, major infrastructures, public lighting, signaling, roads, etc.), you need to provide citizens with the best terms and conditions of use of the resources at their disposal and ensure legal compliance, all the while optimizing costs.

CARL Berger-Levrault has been designing maintenance and asset management software solutions since 1985 to meet the challenges facing towns and cities. Designed in partnership with the major actors in the field (technical and property operators, landlords, facilities departments, professional associations, etc.), our tools help you meet the new constraints of the Smart City: CARL Source City.

A single CMMS/TAM solution to manage your buildings, networks, infrastructures and more.

  • Repository of buildings and infrastructure elements.
  • Rental management: tenants, leases, rent receipts, etc.
  • Repository of equipment: technical infrastructure, furniture, vehicles, play areas, etc.
  • Network management: water, sanitation, public lighting, roads, signaling, etc.
  • Multi-scale interactivity: .DWG diagrams (AutoCAD®), Building Information Modeling (BIM) and GIS (ArcGIS® or Mapguide) models.
  • Citizen portal.
  • All maintenance processes: troubleshooting, preventive interventions, regulatory inspections, new works, walk-through reports on commencement and termination of tenancy, vandalism, etc.
  • Inclusion of regulatory reports.
  • Management of service providers: contracts, warranties.
  • Cost and budget management.
  • Energy and environmental performance.
  • Built-in connectors: financial management, customer relations, etc.
  • IoT platform: connected objects, real-time optimization of equipment, predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence.