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Technical asset management and cmms solution for real estate

CMMS EAM Software - Asset Management | CARL Software

Keeps track of your assets


CARL Source Facility helps you to structure your sites’ knowledge database:

  • Multiple asset tree structures: operational, location, technical, etc.
  • Mimic diagrams of energy and utility networks: immediately view the consequences caused by a problem with a critical asset,
  • Instant access to key information about assets and their e-records: maintenance history, preventive maintenance plan, drawings and diagrams, risks and required preventive measures, etc.

“ Your buildings and infrastructures are described by easily understandable tree structures, along with a graphical or geographic representation.”

Guarantees the highest uptime for your assets and people’s safety


CARL Source Facility helps you to guarantee a high level of asset uptime as well as ensure people’s safety:

  • Help Desk functions for users improve responsiveness and enhance satisfaction with the quality of service provided,
  • Pragmatic troubleshooting function lists possible solutions for identified symptoms and causes of failure,
  • Libraries of regulatory requirements and safety inspections can be integrated to facilitate compliance with legal obligations,
  • Allocate work based on close analysis of maintenance worker certification.

Manages contracting processes


CARL Source Facility allows you to assess your contractors and control related costs:

  • Create a single and consistent standard for agreements and their content,
  • Alerts issued when contractual obligations are not met,
  • Generate objective data to assess the performance of your contractors,
  • Contractors can access only the data that is relevant to them.

Improves quality while controlling costs

CARL Source Facility makes it possible to maintain your facilities and keep costs within budget:

  • Cost breakdowns (asset purchases, contractors, design costs, energy costs, etc.) and approvals management, especially for new work,
  • Budget overrun alerts,
  • Uses advanced simulation tools (estimated annual preventive maintenance schedule, forecasts based on asset usage rates, etc.) to help in setting budget priorities.

Keeps a close eye on your business


CARL Source Facility provides the information you expect from a copilot:

  • Immediately view key operating indicators in the home screen: down assets, open work requests, purchases for approval, warnings about contractor agreements, etc.
  • Generates alerts if maintenance work recurs too often on a unit of equipment in order to suggest the creation of preventive maintenance procedures,
  • Standardised indicators displayed as tables and charts,
  • Easy to add to your corporate portal (web services),
  • Standard data exchange connectors compatible with the market’s main BMS/BAS and ERPs (SAP, Oracle, Movex, Sage, etc.).

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