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CMMS solution for transport

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Keeps track of your assets

CARL Source Transport helps you to structure your assets’ knowledge database:

  • Multiple asset tree structures: operational, location, technical, etc.
  • Mimic diagrams of networks such as electricity, video, telephony and more: immediately view the consequences caused by a problem with a critical asset,
  • Instant access to e-records of rolling stock and fixed assets: maintenance history and tracking, mileage, features and specifications, preventive maintenance plan, drawings and diagrams, warranties, vehicle registration information, etc.
  • Manage standard exchanges and moving parts.

“ Your rolling stock, fixed installations and linear assets are described via interactive tree structures, linked with a graphical or geographical representation.”

Guarantees the highest uptime for your assets and safety for passengers

CARL Source Transport helps you to guarantee a high level of asset uptime and ensure the safety of passengers:

  • Preventive maintenance management geared to transport: takes into account priorities and exclusions using calendar and mileage-based triggers,
  • Takes into account operation status reports (failures, incidents, vandalism, etc.) to help to improve responsiveness and the quality of service provided,
  • Pragmatic troubleshooting function lists possible solutions for identified symptoms and causes of failure,
  • Libraries of regulatory requirements and safety inspections can be integrated to facilitate compliance with legal obligations.

Improves quality while controlling costs

CARL Source Transport makes it possible to maintain your facilities and keep costs within budget:

  • Manage purchases and inventories,
  • Analytical cost accounting (asset purchases, contractors, labour, inventories, design costs, energy costs, etc.)
  • Budget overrun alerts,
  • Tracks and calculates the costs of incidents involving rolling stock,
  • Manages contracting processes: standard contract template, alerts for unmet contractual obligations, contractor assessment data, etc.
  • Uses an estimated annual maintenance schedule and other tools to help in setting budget priorities.

Keeps a close eye on your business

CARL Source Transport provides the information you expect from a copilot:

  • Immediately view key indicators in the home screen: blocked rolling stock, items in need of repair, open work orders, purchases for approval, warnings about warranties and contractor agreements, fuel costs, vandalism costs, etc.
  • Standardised indicators organised in tables and charts (mean distance between failures, average cost per miles, etc.),
  • Generates alerts if maintenance work recurs too often on a unit of equipment in order to suggest the creation of preventive maintenance procedures.
  • Assists in scheduling maintenance work and managing resources,
  • Standard connectors for interfacing with your field applications: vehicle scheduling and control system (VSCS), fuel pumps, accounting, HR, etc.

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