The software dedicated to the management of property and technical facilities

Facilities departments, technical teams, maintenance operators, property management companies… you owe it to your customers to provide services and assets that are safe, satisfactory, available, legally compliant and cost optimised.

CARL Software has been designing maintenance and facilities management software packages since 1985. A partner with the French Association of Facility Management (ARSEG) and the French Association of Maintenance Engineers and Managers (AFIM), we pull out all the stops to help you to be able to face new constraints in facility management. To do just that, we have developed CARL Source Facility, a comprehensive solution dedicated to the management of property and facilities.

CARL Source Facility is an all-in-one solution that manages your facilities. Whereas a CMMS software package simply manages maintenance, CARL Source Facility aims to take care of every process (property, financial, regulatory, quality, etc.) related to your assets and facilities.

It is designed to be your copilot to provide you with the information you need to develop and implement your continual improvement policy.

Built using the most recent web and Java-native architectures, it is both powerful and easy to use. CARL Source affords an uncommon range of technological possibilities and, in particular, can be deployed on open-source platforms (browser, database, application server).

Discover the main benefits CARL Source Facility can bring to your business.

You can check an overview of CARL Source Facility’s features.

Solution de GTP et GMAO pour l’immobilier


A single software for the global management of your assets and your equipments





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