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CARL Pilot methodology

Whatever CARL software package you need, we can provide you with partial or full assistance in implementing and using it. We have developed a specific methodology to help us to do so. We call it CARL Pilot.

CARL Pilot methodology


Not only is CARL Pilot a full set of services, it also organises each stage of implementation into a logical sequence and provides you with a range of monitoring and control tools (quality plan).

This unique methodology enables us to manage projects — from the simplest to the most complex — and meet stated times and ensure results. With CARL Pilot we can be your project manager or a subcontractor if you call on an integrator.


Une palette complète de services


CARL Pilot is much more than a methodology; it is also a broad range of customized services. This range includes services essential to optimization of software implementation: preliminary surveys, Return on Investment (ROI) surveys, specific training for managers and users, data recovery, customization, interfaces with other programs, network & database engineering, specific developments, Etc. Our teams are also experienced in migrating data from old software to CARL.

A quick overview of CARL Pilot