Organize your internal resources

CMMS: Organize your internal resources
  • Monitor the business via the maintenance work process (technical expertise, operations carried out, movement of items, duration of repair work, etc.).
  • Measure the time spent on tasks other than maintenance work (travel, training, cleaning, etc.)
  • Visual schedule of resources and equipment: allocate work orders via a basket, move and change resources and devices by dragging & dropping, personalize the business context: take technician availability and certifications into account
  • Interoperability of the schedule with HR management software.

Keep track of subcontracting

  • Manage all types of requests:  purchase services as needed, take out service contracts (telephony, access control, elevators, landscaped areas, etc.) or negotiate contracts at predefined rates.
  • Objective measurement of the performance and profitability of your subcontracting contracts.
  • Personalised access portal and menu tailored to the missions of each service provider.