CARL Energy, a new and unique energy performance service

Press release | Limonest, February 2024

CARL Energy, a new and unique energy performance service

CARL Berger-Levrault, specialist publisher of EAM and CMMS solutions, presents “CARL Energy”, a new energy performance service. Controlling energy consumption is a key factor in a company’s extra-financial performance, helping to protect the environment while responding to the challenges posed by rising energy costs. Integrated into the CARL Source CMMS, this innovation reduces the energy consumption of buildings and infrastructures by 10%, in a context of current regulations.

Energy, a new challenge for maintenance

At a time when controlling energy performance is becoming crucial from both an economic and an environmental point of view, “CARL Energy” has positioned itself as the essential solution. It supports maintenance managers, technical directors and asset managers who are keen to comply with new regulations (Tertiary and BACS decrees) and to act in favor of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies.

For industrial companies, local authorities and asset managers, this innovative solution offers operational levers to act on the energy consumption of buildings and infrastructures, and to improve the durability of equipment. According to the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), measuring, displaying and being aware of these data can reduce energy consumption by 10%.

CARL Energy Datavisualisation optimisation performance énergétique décret tertiaire GMAO EAM

“CARL Energy”, a turnkey service for managing energy consumption in buildings.

This new energy performance service is natively connected to the existing maintenance and asset management solution, CARL Source 7. Available by subscription, it is part of the global transformation of CARL Berger-Levrault solutions into Saas mode.

Thanks to the automatic, real-time collection of energy data from Enedis and GRDF, “CARL Energy” offers a datavisualization of energy data for administered buildings, workshops, housing or warehouses.

Simplified, centralized access to energy consumption, peak loads, invoice amounts, etc., gives technical and management staff an overall view of operating and maintenance costs, including the energy dimension.

This data can be used to guide and prioritize maintenance and investment strategies.

Finally, configurable alert mechanisms detect deviations and guarantee rapid action by technicians on the asset.
To take immediate advantage of this new service, CARL Berger-Levrault also offers a team of Data Scientists to support its customers in analyzing the data collected, for a rapid return on investment and the implementation of proactive action plans.

“CARL Energy offers a unique service to help companies and local authorities achieve their energy performance objectives, comply with current regulations and implement related sustainable practices.