CARL Source, a Strategic Choice for Geneva International Airport

Geneva International Airport is the second most important airport in Switzerland: it carries more than 12 million passengers / year, hosts many international airlines, has one of the largest traffic area in Europe, and holds around 4000 official and formal receptions per year.

With such a strong position, the airport decided to conduct an extensive study in order to optimize its maintenance activity which led to the reorganization of some of its maintenance departments and to its decision to provide the Infrastructure and Planning department with a CMMS tool.

It is CARL Source which has been chosen to standardize the maintenance activities and maintain the airport. Both supplier and integrator of the CMMS project in Geneva Airport, CARL Software has been providing technical and project management expertise to the airport technical and computer staff.

Project major objectives:

  • CARL Source will manage the whole infrastructure (technical equipment, rolling stock, runway lights, footbridges, telematics support, inventory management of spare parts, fire detection, safety equipment, parking etc. ) by deploying its standard functionalities (inventory, traceability, and preventive maintenance management, work tracking etc.).
  • CARL Source will provide a function of CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to manage the relationship between the maintenance department and the airport customers (shops, restaurants, etc) companies and customers outside users of the airport. CARL Source will provide the exact billing of each maintenance jobs performed on the basis of information provided by the software (maintenance parts consumption, number of hours spent by technicians etc).

CARL Source full implementation is due for the second semester of 2011, the software will be interfaced with the airport ERP and Building Management System. At first it will be used by more than 100 technicians part of the airport maintenance departments and later on by hundreds of subcontractors. I