CARL Transport Chosen by SIEMENS to Equip the Turin Metro

Turin will inaugurate its new Metro just in time for the 2006 Olympic Winter Games. The city’s technical teams chose CARL Master Transport to manage the maintenance portion of this major project. Their reasons for choosing CARL Master Transport? The extent of its functional options, its user-friendliness, its modularity, and the quality of its GUI. To handle the reliability and security of the ALV (Automatic Light Vehicle) installations and equipment, CARL Master Transport will be operated in multi-tree mode (geographical, functional, technical and accounts), and will manage tasks such as supplier contracts, maintenance and scheduling of repair work.

In terms of maintenance, CARL Master will be used to manage technical lots of items of sensitive equipment (rolling stock, control and supply systems including all fixed and on-board automation systems, train steering components and electromagnetic systems, centralised control room, garage and workshops, general equipment, etc.).

The Turin Metro includes:

  • A 28 km line,
  • 15 stations served by VALs (automatic light vehicles). Consisting of four carriages and with a total length of 52 m, each of the 23 VAL trains can carry 440 passengers.
  • Every station is designed with three levels: entrance hall, mezzanine for channelling riders, and platforms with automated doors,
  • Highly sophisticated security and equipment: the Turin Metro was designed with the highest standards of security in mind: no enclosed spaces, video surveillance and smoke detection system connected to the trains and the stations, intercom system connected to the control room.


This achievement further strengthens CARL Software’s presence in the field of public transit, following on from its supply of systems to the public transit networks of Clermont-Ferrand, Montpellier and Grenoble.