Real Estate Repository

With CARL Touch, the technician has access to the details of the assets to be maintained: equipment, premises, technical lots, networks, etc.

Full details are displayed to the field technician:

  • Equipment address.
  • Equipment status
  • Criticality, serial number, models, warranty… of the equipment.
  • Technical characteristics.
  • Multimedia documents.
  • Work in progress and maintenance history.

« Accessible data can be adapted to the typology of the equipment. »

The application allows the technician to inventory and update the assets in real time:

  • Creation of new equipment and identification of assets in the field (by associating a barcode label, using the manufacturer’s or constructor’s barcode or by NFC pairing).
  • Enrichment of asset data by completing equipment data sheets.

On a daily basis, the application can trigger a set of actions:

  • A new task
  • Geolocation of equipment
  • Entering an event.