CARL Source CMMS application

  • Is it possible to connect my CARL Source CMMS to other systems (ERP, HR, supervision, etc.)?

    CARL Source has been designed to interact with all types of software packages, including ERP, HR time tracking systems, supervisory systems, fuel terminals, CAPMs, and more.

    The technologies we use are based on API REST connectors that enable dialogue with all these systems. CARL Source is very open and, for some customers, a transfer of skills on our interfacing tools is carried out in order to make the customer autonomous in building bridges with their existing IT systems.

    Note that the application is designed to dialogue with any system, provided the external system is capable of importing and/or exporting data.

  • Is CARL Source available in several languages?

    CARL Source CMMS is available in 6 languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Chinese, Polish.

    Additional languages can also be implemented, as it has already been the case with Portuguese, Korean, and Persian.

  • Is CARL Source CMMS available as SaaS?

    Yes, CARL Source CMMS can be offered as SaaS via our hosting provider.

    In this case, the customer takes out an annual subscription that includes version upgrades.

    Mobility solutions (CARL Touch, CARL Xpress, CARL Flash) are also operational with this SaaS mode, as is the ability to create interfaces or database query.