Customization and configuration of the CMMS application

  • How are profile rights managed in the CARL Source CMMS application?

    Profile rights for CARL Source and CARL Touch, CARL Flash and CARL Xpress mobile applications are managed from the dedicated menu in the CARL Source CMMS interface.

    From this menu, it will be possible to define different types of profile, based on the profile templates supplied as standard, or by creating profiles from scratch.
    These profiles enable you to manage interactions with solutions (read, delete, modify, attach documents, etc.). They can also be used to define certain business and/or internal validation rules. For example, you can choose the maximum amounts a user is allowed to validate, compared with his colleague, or which workflow states he can or cannot pass!

    In addition to workflow status management, it is even possible to define a finer level of rights, by granting a specific right at a certain stage: I have the right to modify or delete a Work request as long as it has not been taken into account, but I no longer have control over it once it has been processed.

  • How can CARL Source CMMS be used to segment information?

    With CARL Source, you can manage access to the application’s various data and segment views, for a CMMS organized by trade, all within the same environment.

    This will enable the various trades to work together: buildings, production, vehicles, etc., each with privileged access to their own data. Each with privileged access to their own data: visualization of equipment, Maintenance work, stocks dedicated to one trade or another, etc.

    This cohabitation is made possible by the various CARL Source application parameters: organizations, which enable geographical sites and/or buildings and/or professions to be segmented; access restrictions, which enable certain information to be masked, even for two users working together, on a freely-definable basis (type of equipment, analysis, etc.); finally, there are, of course, profile rights, which enable different action and validation rights to be granted according to context, profession or position in the organization chart.