Inventory and purchasing management

  • Is it possible to manage a purchasing process with CARL Source CMMS?

    Yes, with CARL Source’s standard purchasing management module.

    This module complements the inventory module, with which it is closely linked, to make replenishment proposals. It is
    thus possible to manage Purchase Requisitions (PR) in CARL Source, transform them into orders, and then receive the items ordered.
    In addition to this classic scheme, it is possible to manage supplier returns directly from CARL Source, and perform invoice reconciliation, to compare what has been invoiced with what has been delivered.

    Note: CARL Source’s purchasing process can also be used to manage the purchase of services and other benefits, all scheduled via CARL Source’s contract functionality, which manages the terms and conditions negotiated with suppliers.

  • Can I manage complex organizations with several stores in CARL Source CMMS?

    Of course! CARL Source is a CMMS for large organizations.
    It is possible to manage a structure with a single warehouse, as well as one with multiple sites, or with a main warehouse and remote stocks.

    In the rules that define inventory management, it is possible to specify the organization between warehouses to enable operation within complex organizations, which call on several managers and several warehousemen.

  • Is it possible to manage my parts inventory in CARL Source CMMS?

    Stock management in CARL Source is a standard feature. All types of stock can be managed in the CMMS, including spare parts, consumables management, replacement materials and serialized equipment.

    The stock function in CARL Source CMMS allow multi-store, multi-vendor and multi-site management. It will therefore be possible to input and output parts, consume Items during Maintenance work, and manage various origins (breakage, downgrading).

    CARL Source also integrates stock-taking and store-to-store transfer functions to ensure that inventories are properly maintained.

    Finally, it’s worth remembering that stock management can be carried out on the move, thanks to the CARL Touch application.

  • Is it possible to connect my CARL Source CMMS to other systems (ERP, HR, supervision, etc.)?

    When we think of purchasing, we spontaneously think of software dedicated to purchasing management.
    It is of course possible to connect CARL Source CMMS to an ERP or other financial management tool. This connection will be made via a fluid interface (in various formats, or via webservice): from the expression of need (purchase request) issued by the maintenance department in its CMMS, through to its management in another software package (ERP).

    It’s easy to imagine an integrated, fluid purchasing management process, with maintenance personnel expressing their needs (purchase requisition) in the CMMS, and the need being taken into account in an external tool such as an ERP system already in place within the organization.

    We then return to CARL Source when the goods are received, still closely linked to the financial system, to share pricing and order status information.