Railway maintenance innovation day

The CMMS for the maintenance expertise of railway rolling stock.

Railway Maintenance Innovation Day

Discover RAMFER and CMMS from CARL Source

RAMFER, a new private player in the maintenance of railway rolling stock relies on the CMMS of CARL Source Transport to structure its activity in France and abroad (Belgium, Morocco, Czech Republic, Poland , Romania). ECM certified, RAMFER carries out preventive, curative and repair maintenance work 24 hours a day. From its 4 French sites, RAMFER deploys its mobile maintenance teams for repair, preventive and inspection operations. It carries out major overhauls and heritage maintenance operations on locomotives, railway and rail/road equipment.

Thanks to its industrial model structured by the CARL Source CMMS, RAMFER is shaking up the usual codes of railway maintenance with particularly competitive commitments:

  • A commitment to results for optimized costs: RAMFER is the only service provider capable of carrying out heritage maintenance operations on several machines and several sites simultaneously. For these operations, RAMFER is committed to reduced downtime of 2 and 6 weeks compared to the competition. It also works to reduce the number and cost of maintenance steps, through an in-depth analysis of data from operations and manufacturers.
  • A transparent and real-time contractual commitment: each RAMFER customer has access to the CARL Source CMMS to follow works carried out on its equipment, by its own operating teams and by the RAMFER teams in real time. To ensure optimal traceability of interventions, all technicians use the CARL Touch mobile tool to receive their work notifications, have the machine history and its technical documents, make their reports by voice recording, manage stocks, inventories…
  • A capacity of innovation dedicated to the energy performance and the reduction of gas emissions: RAMFER developed Stop & Start solutions on various models of locomotives to reduce consumption, engine hours and the release of gas emissions (CO2 and NOX). RAMFER has studied the adaptation of electronic boxes that allow several types of information (geolocation, hours on the main and secondary engines, working parts, etc.) to be sent to the CARL Source CMMS in order to initiate preventive maintenance operations.




10AM: Home


10:30 a.m. / 12:00 p.m.: introduction to RAMFER, its maintenance model, its CARL Source CMMS tool


  • Presentation of RAMFER’s industrial model:
    Laurent Linxe, director of rolling stock, will introduce this new rail maintenance player’s strategy and RAMFER’s industrial model, which is based on the CARL Source Transport CMMS.
  • The expected benefits of CARL Source maintenance management software and CARL Touch mobility:
    Frédéric Boutier, Deputy Commercial Director CARL Software will present the extent of the technical, financial, regulatory and organizational benefits provided by a CMMS as well as the future simplification tools for use by software maintainers (mobility, mapping, connected objects, etc.)
  • The CMMS model set up by RAMFER:
    You will discover the CARL Source Transport application operated by RAMFER which allows it to optimize the management of its equipment maintenance, its budgets, its expenses, compliance with regulatory deadlines, performance analyses, etc. and the indicators provided to its customers. .

12:00 p.m. / 1:30 p.m.: lunch


1:30 p.m. / 4:00 p.m.: visit of the Grenay workshop and demonstrations of CARL Source CMMS and CARL Touch mobility


  • Maintenance engineering workshop: functional breakdown, maintenance diagrams, operating procedures, deadlines, supervising traceability achievements, monitoring contractual commitments
  • Infrastructure management workshop with the testimony of the company Oc’Via Maintenance responsible for the maintenance of the high-speed bypass line Nîmes / Montpellier.
  • Operational maintenance workshop: organization, triggering works via GPS on CARL Touch, assignment of machine work on CARL Source, distribution of ranges and operating modes, preparation of parts, etc.
  • Heritage maintenance workshop: ECOSTOP, management of parts between sites, multiple maintenance ranges, management of subcontracting, management of interventions on CARL Touch, etc.
  • Store workshop: demonstration of stock movements, entries, exits with CARL Touch
  • Visit to equipment undergoing maintenance: locomotives undergoing heritage maintenance, tamping machines undergoing axle change operations, tamping machines undergoing technical inspection and axle replacement

Closing statement by the French Association of Engineers and Maintenance Managers



Address : Pôle Sud Est RAMFER, 800 chemin de la Revolay in Grenay

Directions: A43 motorway, exit N°5 Heyrieux / L’Isle-d’Abeau / St Quentin-Fallavier, 20 minutes by car from the TGV station at St-Exupéry airport

Hours: 10:00 a.m. / 4:00 p.m.