Optimizing water resources: Semidao's ascent thanks to CARL Source

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Optimizing water resources: Semidao’s ascent thanks to CARL Source

Since 2018, Semidao has grouped together four wastewater and drinking water treatment structures. It is a local public company owned by the local authorities of the Porte de l’Isère and Heyrieux agglomeration communities. 115,000 inhabitants who consume 9 million m3 per year, 75 agents overseeing 130 rainwater and wastewater treatment facilities and 115 water management facilities, one head office, one branch office, two water treatment plants and 900 km of network: these are the key figures. Not forgetting 9001 and 14001, Semidao’s two ISO certifications!

Semidao GMAO CARL Source Factory Eaux mobilité

CMMS for fluid water processes

When SPL Semidao was created, there was an obsolete CMMS solution on the Bourgoin-Jallieu site, and two in-house Excel-based tools on the Ecole-Bladinières and Saint-Quentin Fallavier water treatment plants. There was an urgent need to harmonize maintenance solutions and practices.

“When I chose CARL Source, a tool I’d known for 15 years, I knew it would meet most of our needs in terms of processes, and that it would enable us to federate our teams within the 6 months I gave myself,” explains Patrick Rubagotti, Asset & Resources Operations Manager.

Semidao’s technical scope

Semidao CMMS water CARL Source Factory mobility

Priority is given to the customer process, which is managed entirely on the CARL Source CMMS (from the customer call to the initiation of Maintenance work, right through to the preparation of estimates and invoices).
SEMIDAO therefore created the 100,000 items of equipment from the GIS of the network assets sector in CARL Source, in order to trace customer requests and manage maintenance work by agents, notably using the mobile CMMS CARL Touch. The database is enriched with 250 items of equipment from the Works sector.
The CMMS has become a unifying tool for maintenance teams at all sites. It is part of the continuous improvement approach favored by management, notably through improved reporting, business processes and customer relations. An optimization project involving the introduction of CARL Flash, the service request application, is currently under study.
“Until now, a local authority’s technical services department would send us an e-mail to report a problem with one of our road equipment systems, and we’d receive several alerts for the same incident, which was unmanageable. With CARL Flash, we want to centralize and automatically report maintenance work to the people who need it.”
In the short term, SEMIDAO’s teams want to enrich the integration of GIS within CARL Source and optimize preventive maintenance by setting up maintenance plans with triggers.

« CARL Source is the tool that has enabled us to industrialize our processes, and it contributes to the rigor essential to guaranteeing the continuity of the public drinking water service and wastewater treatment. This is all the more important as water has become a precious commodity for all. »

Patrick Rubagotti, Operational Director, Assets & Resources

Semidao GMAO CARL Source Factory Eaux mobilité

“The advantage of CARL Source is that, unlike some competitors who charge for the slightest option, the tool is modular, which has enabled us to carry out a large part of our activities without any specific development. All we had to do was customize our indicators to meet our business needs, such as dashboards and indicators like the contract module, used to organize public procurement contracts.

The tool enables smooth, efficient day-to-day operations, and empowers staff thanks in particular to budget management by department and delegation of signature by purchase amount.

Our maintenance management solution for the industrial sector: CARL Source Factory

CARL Source Factory | CMMS for industry

CARL Source Factory is our solution of CMMS dedicated to the industry sector. It has been designed to guarantee you the best operating conditions for industrial equipment, associated structures and the safety of your personnel. It allows you to manage your maintenance activities in real time, new works and regulatory diagnostics, monitor your service providers and manage your contracts while reconciling quality and budgetary control. Designed in partnership with major industry players, this solution allows you to addressing the challenges of Industry 4.0.