Alstef: ensure the maintenance of airport baggage sorting systems

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Alstef: ensure the maintenance of airport baggage sorting systems

The Alstef Group operates in the design, integration, and maintenance of automated solutions for the airport, intralogistics and parcel sorting sectors and has more than 800 employees worldwide. The Alstef Automation business unit operates in two sectors: the a utomated handling and storage of pallets for manufacturers, and the integration of checked baggage sorting systems for airports around the world. Alstef airport sites are found on five continents. In order to meet its commitments to its customers, Alstef Automation uses the CARL Source CMMS software for the management of its airports and baggage flows, and the organization of its maintenance operations.

In the early 2010s, Alstef set up the CARL Source CMMS solution for a client based at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, in order to monitor its maintenance activities on the site. In order to modernize and harmonize its methods and optimize the overall management of customer sites in France and abroad, Alstef decided in 2016 to centralize all of its maintenance activities by operating a web-based version of the CARL Source tool, accessible to all sites. In 2020, Alstef also added the CARL Touch mobility solution was to facilitate the work of maintenance technicians on a daily basis. Since 2018, Alstef has gradually deployed a predictive maintenance strategy, via a co-R&D partnership with CARL Berger-Levrault which reinforces the objectives of the CMMS project as a whole:

  • Optimizing maintenance processes.
  • Establishing preventive maintenance ranges.
  • Monitoring maintenance activities using indicator tracking.
  • Reducing service call time with CARL Touch mobility for mobile
  • Achieving a level of excellence in preventive maintenance on
    airport customer sites with the BL Predict IoT platform.

« A shared CMMS to ensure the maintenance of airport sites. »

Alstef : a project going global

CMMS Alstef : Ensure the maintenance of airport sites
Maintenance of baggage sorting systems at Zagreb Airport (Croatia).

CAP on innovation for Alstef’s airport sites!

CMMS Alstef Automation - Ensure the maintenance of airport sitesEquipped with the CARL Source Facility CMMS since 2010, Alstef has been migrating from version to version. According to the Head of Maintenance Engineering of the Alstef Benoît Lepointe Group, “Switching to the newer versions of CARL is simple, especially when it comes to importing previous service calls. Migrations are done “with eyes closed,” facilitated by the proximity of our IT department to the CARL Berger-Levrault team.”

As part of a continuous improvement approach, Alstef is adopting CARL Touch mobility to enhance the effectiveness of service in the field. The app assists technicians in their daily duties, from notification on their smartphone, to geolocation of service call sites, to access to the history of operations carried out on the equipment, to the report, right alongside the machine. “CARL Touch is the essential tool, acclaimed by our field technicians to guarantee the speed and efficiency of service calls and the maintenance of our equipment in optimal conditions,” said Benoît Lepointe.

The CMMS project is further consolidated by the deployment of the BL Predict predictive maintenance solution launched as part of the Co-R&D project in 2018, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform on which all data from equipment (conveyors, carousels) is reported and processed directly via artificial intelligence, and triggers an alert in the CARL Source CMMS.

« At Zagreb Airport, our predictive maintenance allows us to achieve 99.9% equipment uptime thanks to the power of BL Predict combined with CARL Source. »

Benoit Lepointe, Head of Maintenance Engineering

For Alstef, the CMMS occupies a strategic place in its business model.
The combination of CARL Source, CARL Touch mobility and the BL Predict predictive maintenance platform has made it possible to optimize the quality of service provided to its customers, by improving the lifespan of equipment, team activity and inventory management, and by reducing maintenance costs.

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