Les îles Paul Ricard : The power of CMMS in a scale model world

Customer Success stories - Maintenance software user testimonial - Les îles Paul Ricard

Les îles Paul Ricard : The power of CMMS in a scale model world

Purchased by Paul Ricard in 1958, L’île des Embiez is now owned by the Paul RICARD company. Open to the public, the island covers 235 acres off the coast of the Var region and welcomes thousands of visitors every year; The island is home to a port with 750 berths, a fleet of ships, a 4-star hotel, apartments for rent, and even a wine estate! In Les Embiez, breakdowns, malfunctions and maintenance routines are the responsibility of a small team which lacked inventory, process, history, and instructions for use; in a word: a CMMS solution. That’s why the CARL Source Facility software was selected.

The power of CMMS in a scale model world


Ile des Embiez - Paul Ricard The island of les Embiez operates 8 boats entrusted to the Marine Service, with a mechanic to manage daily maintenance. Careening is used for regulatory or more complex operations.

The Port Service, which accommodates 680 boats throughout the year, maintains the equipment intended for boaters and employee daily commutes; it must be able to trigger interventions on a berth or a boat.

The hotel technician manages up to 20 calls per day.

Faced with the growing needs of its services, SAHB, which manages the island, chose in 2019 to build a common platform, to:

  • Give itself the means to have a history and visibility of breakdowns and maintenances
  • Better manage requests, interventions, emergencies
  • Implement the tools and processes that will change behaviors.

The CARL Source CMMS solution was selected. Maintenance processes are fully dematerialized, from issuing a report with the CARL Flash application, to giving notification of the intervention and drawing up of the technician’s report, using the CARL Touch CMMS mobile tool.

Les Embiez, its port, its hotels, and its wine estate

Ile des Embiez Paul Ricard

The benefits of CARL Source Facility CMMS software at Les îles Paul Ricard.

Deployment of CARL Berger-Levrault CMMS software

The technical department has a director and two managers, including William Weckman, Maintenance and Servicing Manager. Its department also include the work of an electrician and a refrigeration engineer. Familiar with CMMS for 25 years, William takes care of the inventory himself: I schedule one building per week, I manage it as technical support”.

For habits to change, “the idea was to work with the technical teams and managers, to set up a workflow and dashboards adapted to everyone. At each new stage, there is local support to ensure our teams are fully committed to the project.”  At the same time, William is implementing new work processes. Gone are the countless reminder calls, everyone has access to the CMMS, where they can request, follow up and view history data. The technician can keep track of everything and can now plan. And, last but not least, the teams are committed.

“We must take into account the feeling of being disoriented and losing our habits. And clearly show the tool’s potential and the change it will bring!”

William Veckman, Maintenance and Safety Manager

Ile des Embiez Paul Ricard CMMS has conquered minds and practices. From now on, the QR code of a location allows a technician to identify the faulty equipment and to describe the fault using the CARL Flash mobile application. The intervention request is forwarded to the three technicians. The first available technician takes on the job and the request is cleared from the system. This technician draws up the report then closes the file.

“Each department moves at its own pace,” explains William. “At the port master’s office, we operate on an exact time basis, while SAHB, which has to deal with many more interventions, wishes to deploy a preventive approach.” Objectives are defined every six months, using a debrief and goal-setting tool.

“We aim to produce a stock report, starting with out-of-stock monitoring and alert systems which is already in place in the Marine department to manage maritime regulations. In time, we will also connect the energy management tools to CARL Source.”

William Weckman’s advice? “You need to be smart, attentive and humble. I met everyone, I took into account the needs, the issues, the ideas. The practice came naturally.”No change, however, on the vineyard side: “When it comes to harvest, everyone volunteers, me first!”.

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