How can CARL Source CMMS be used to segment information?

With CARL Source, you can manage access to the application’s various data and segment views, for a CMMS organized by trade, all within the same environment.

This will enable the various trades to work together: buildings, production, vehicles, etc., each with privileged access to their own data. Each with privileged access to their own data: visualization of equipment, Maintenance work, stocks dedicated to one trade or another, etc.

This cohabitation is made possible by the various CARL Source application parameters: organizations, which enable geographical sites and/or buildings and/or professions to be segmented; access restrictions, which enable certain information to be masked, even for two users working together, on a freely-definable basis (type of equipment, analysis, etc.); finally, there are, of course, profile rights, which enable different action and validation rights to be granted according to context, profession or position in the organization chart.