Mobile CMMS applications

  • Can users use CARL Source CMMS mobile applications exclusively?

    Yes and no!
    For field technicians, it’s possible to use a mobile application as a CMMS tool, because our mobile solutions have all the necessary functions.
    The technician logs on in the morning and receives his work-in-progress for the day or his schedule for the week, without having to go back to CARL Source on the computer.

    The same goes for callers, who can use their smartphone to make requests and follow up on Maintenance work requests, without having to use a PC.

    Nevertheless, access to the CMMS remains essential, so that each user can perform a different action from those they manage from their mobile application.

  • Is the CARL Touch mobile CMMS application usable without training?

    CARL Touch, the on-board CMMS for mobile phones and tablets, can be used without training, just as easily as a traditional mobile application. However, it is possible to be accompanied in its handling, to learn its subtleties and tricks.

    In addition, our consulting teams can help you set up your mobile application so that end users can use it as seamlessly as possible!

  • How can mobile CMMS applications improve service to occupants and customers?

    We all need Maintenance work!
    For a computer problem, a building problem, a request for work, etc.
    CARL Flash is the solution for entering requests for work or maintenance work, including for occupants, users, etc.

    CARL Flash’s ergonomic design and ease of use make request entry quick and simple. At the
    other end of the chain, a CARL Touch or CARL Xpress mobile
    technician receives the maintenance request or job prepared by his team. Thanks to his mobile application, he is guided to the maintenance site and can intervene to quickly resolve the problem.

  • Is CARL Source CMMS available on mobile?

    CARL Berger-Levrault offers 3 CMMS tools for smartphones and tablets.

    We use CARL Touch, a mobile maintenance application, to manage DIs, Maintenance work, stock, inventories and receipts, as well as access to equipment and premises details.

    At the other end of the chain, we find CARL Flash, a work request ticketing application that allows users to enter Maintenance work requests directly from their smartphone or tablet: the application allows users to enter requests from their phone, which are then sent to either CARL Source or CARL Touch for processing.

    We also use CARL Xpress, an express mode report entry application, dedicated to field users who can easily find the DIs and Maintenance work assigned to them… They can also enter and issue maintenance reports from their cell phone, sharing the data with their team.