Logiciel de GMAO/CMMS et Asset Management | CARL Software

Control your costs

Cost control is an essential part of running any business. It is organised by financial year using the three methods of accounting: cost accounting, management accounting and financial accounting.

Amounts recorded during a financial year are locked at the end of the year and subsequent amounts are applied to the following financial year.

Analyse your business

CARL Source includes a complete library of print and analysis reports: business dashboard, ABC classification of assets by maintenance costs, MTBF, OEE, ABC classification of categories by inventory value, analysis of symptoms, causes, asset specific solutions, etc.

In addition to the standard print reports, users can create their own library of custom reports.

Build your dashboard

CARL Source contains a library of standard indicators such as down assets and open work orders. You can view them and build new ones very easily. Relevant indicators can be grouped to create custom dashboards that will automatically appear as simple and customisable graphics (e.g. red, green or orange lights) each time you log on to CARL Source. You see potential problems at a glance and with a single click you instantly access the information you need to make informed decisions.