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Quickly contact and interact with technical services.

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CARL Flash allows quick access to a range of services by interacting with the technical services department in charge of their maintenance and operations.

Mobile CMMS

For users

CARL Flash is an application which is intended to be used by occupants of a building, citizens of a local authority, healthcare units (nurses, doctors and visitors) in a hospital, production line workers, customers of after-sales service departments etc

It enables users of assets, equipment or public areas to contact the technical services responsible for maintenance and operations…
CARL Flash ensures access to a range of services, such as (reporting a malfunction, damage or vandalism; submitting and tracking requests for services, maintenance work, new work; accessing past requests, etc.)

Mobile CMMS

For technical services

CARL Flash speeds up, simplifies and ensures traceability of service requests. Requests are stored, digitally, directly in CARL Source.

CARL Flash also avoids multiple requests being made for the same problem, and makes it easier to detect urgent requests when the same problem is reported several times.

As requests are being processed by the technical services department, CARL Flash gives requesters a real-time view of the status of their requests which avoid unnecessary calls. Requesters take an active role in the process, since they can accept or reject the work performed.

The overall result is better quality of service, ensuring user satisfaction.


Mobile CMMS

Technical characteristics

Multi-device application

CARL Flash is a web app that runs on most browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari), covering all available operating systems (iOS, Android or Windows).

As a result, CARL Flash can be used on any device (PC, tablet or smartphone). To ensure the best user experience, its interface adapts to the screen size (using responsive design principles) and its functions adapt to the multimedia capabilities of the device.

The application is designed for the general public, and does not need to be installed or configured. It can be accessed simply by scanning a QR Code. Users external to the technical services department (passengers, nurses, occupants, general public etc.) will also be able to log in to the application via the “anonymous logging” management.


Dynamic customization

Screens, terminology and language can be customized according to your needs and ensure that users are totally immersed in your context. The application can adapt to your organization’s visual identity: logo, application name… (“grey label” branding).

GMAO application Mobile

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