The Rabat Tramway acquires CARL Source Transport CMMS

CARL Software announces winning the tender for Rabat tramway CMMS Project (Morocco), adding one more prestigious reference in the transport field (metros of New York, Marseille, Seoul, Turin; Tramways in Grenoble, Madrid, Nantes, Tenerife, etc). CARL Source Transport will be the main management tool to maintain the rolling stock and fixed installations. It will manage the equipment, stock, finance, work and purchases. It will also be interfaced with the accounting and SAE systems.

The tram is scheduled to come into service early 2011. For the Moroccan capital, this project of public interest is particularly strategic: it is the first tramway in Morocco; it will carry more than 60 million passengers per year, it is also a big step forward for the country mass transit modernization. The first 2 lines will cover a 20 km route and will serve the cities of Rabat and Salé. A long term plan envisage the extension of 2 more lines.