"Voix du Nord" Newspaper: a Successful Modernization

Late 2007, the press group “La Voix du Nord” (1400 employees / 5 daily papers published – 475 000 newspapers) started a major internal reorganization. Very much impacted, the maintenance department acquired the software CARL Source Factory in September 2008. Its goals: computerizing the management of its production facilities and supporting the modernization of the technical team work methods.

The software was quickly deployed and today, “Voix du Nord” exploits CARL Source “Equipment”, “Work” and “Planning” modules. Because of its simple handling and easy setup, CARL Source has been well accepted by the technical teams faced for the 1st time with a computerized work environment. In the short term, “Voix du Nord” also intends to manage its stock and maintenance contracts with CARL Source. In 2010 CARL Source will be interfaced with ERP systems to manage purchases and with a Building Management System (BMS) to reinforce the preventive maintenance done on the rotary printing presses.