(Belgium) The Economic Office of Namur Province (BEP) chooses CARL Source

(Belgium) The Economic Office of Namur Province (BEP) chooses CARL Source

As an expert inCMMS and EAM solutionsand upon completion of a government contracting process, software publisher CARL Berger-Levrault Benelux now assists the BEPin managing its asset department. Purpose of this new collaboration: ensure optimal follow-up of operations and create synergy between its economic and environmental activities.

As an agency for the economic, social, and environmental development of Namur Province, the BEP combines various sectors of activity. At the end of 2021, the BEP chose CARL Berger-Levrault Benelux to manage two of its departments according to the terms of a request for proposals: BEP Economic Expansion, which manages business reception infrastructures (business parks and temporary reception buildings), and BEP Environment, in charge of managing the waste of 38 communities in Namur Province (and Héron in Liège Province).
The BEP has more than 40 buildings with these two activities combined. The BEP now wishes to use specialized CMMS software such as CARL Source offered by publisher CARL Berger-Levrault Benelux to manage these assets.

CARL Source 6: user-friendliness, prevention, and time savings for maintenance operations.

Convenient services, documentation follow-up, technical requests. The needs are multiple. BEP Namur’s number one ambition: respond to any unexpected or planned request for action by quickly accessing the right information and conveying it to the right party. At the BEP, 5 persons will regularly use the CARL Source suite. Other associates will access it on a partial basis, as well as a subcontractor of the group in charge of ventilation, to manage its services, invoicing follow-up, and so on.

“We needed a clear view of our assets and we were accustomed to working with a conventional paper-based and digital tree structure. This kept us from having an overview of our buildings and essential information from an IT standpoint. So we issued a request for proposals to take advantage of a genuine CMMS tool and more efficient documentation tracking management. We wanted a sufficiently open, efficient, and especially user-friendly tool.
After investigating, CARL Source proved to be the solution that will allow us to easily implement periodic audits in all our infrastructures and to have a thorough overview of all maintenance operations, whether predictive or short-term. In the long run, this will provide genuine time savings and non-negligible economic returns!”

Alain Stevens, Head of Asset Department of the BEP Group properties

The new version of CARL Source, CARL Source 6, features UX improvements and extended functionalities in terms of mobility, BIM (Building Information Model), and IoT (Internet of Things).
At BEP Namur, the results for large building maintenance will be quantifiable starting with the second quarter of 2022.