CARL Source 6, the new future-oriented version

EAM/CMMS innovation

CARL Source 6, the new future-oriented version

The result of developments carried out in collaboration with several key customers, CARL Source 6 is the concrete expression of how Berger-Levrault has evolved its CARL software to deliver an enhanced TAM (Technical Asset Management) and CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems) solution, helping users to accelerate their entry into Industry 4.0, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities.

Featuring major ergonomic and business developments, IoT innovations, BIM and Mobility, CARL Source 6 is the solution that enables users to meet the economic and technical performance challenges of maintenance management throughout the life cycle of equipment.

Ergonomics that make it easy to use:

– Ergonomics rethought with modern design
– Ability to customise (colours, logos, etc.) according to the company’s charter.
– A welcome portal enriched with new widgets to inform, alert and guide users as to their routine actions.
– A configurable full-text search function optimises the speed of access to content, based on a large volume of data (NoSQL database).
Time lines returning the most relevant information about process status and about the life cycle of an asset.

Simplified maintenance control:

– A new visual schedule showing resources designed for maintenance.
– Allocate work orders, move and modify resources and hardware by a simple drag & drop.
Can be customized to your business context.
– You enjoy full knowledge of resources availability thanks to a new “Calendar” component where you can interact with the work schedules of field technicians and with the deployment of material resources.
Interact with HR management tools to collect staff-availability information (holidays, 35-hour work week, etc.).


An enriched mobility offering:

CARL Xpress, a brand new application for technicians and service providers to generate Express Reports using multimedia (photo, video, voice dictation, QrCode…) and exchanges (CHAT).

CARL Touch, the application reserved for field technicians and stock managers to optimizes their efficiency :
– an optimised synchronisation engine (based on NoSQL) guaranteeing the transfer of large volumes of data and documents and the reactivity of exchanges for thousands of concurrent accesses.
– a follow-up of activities for maintenance technicians, distinguishing between time spent on technical acts and time spent on other aspects of the work order, or on matters entirely outside work orders.
– intelligent wizards to simplify logging the installation, removal, and replacement of assets or sub-assets in a work order.
– a new feature to Receive purchases or transfers, to complete the field activity of stock managers (reception controls, logging disputes, taking photos).
– lastly, NFC technology is integrated into all management processes for asset and stock items.

CARL Flash, the general public service request application: users of a device, asset or a public space can request, for various needs, the technical services responsible for its maintenance.

Forward-looking innovations

An IFC BIM Connector ensures the integration of information from 3D digital models of buildings and infrastructures and guarantees the continuity from the Construction BIM to the Operation & Maintenance BIM. Data from the model (premises, equipment, networks) is retrieved iteratively from the design phase and integrated into CARL Source 6, enabling immediate transition to the maintenance cycle following construction or renovation work.

An IoT platform dedicated to Maintenance: with its ability to process every component in the IoT system, from sensor to data valuation in the CMMS, the platform allows technical departments to have the provisional data needed for optimal triggering of maintenance. maintenance.

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