CARL Source: latest generation CMMS/TAM solution!
A packaged software offer, the fruit of our expertise based on feedback from our customers and partners.


CARL Source: the next generation CMMS/EAM software
CARL Source: the next generation CMMS/EAM software

An offer in constant evolution


The fruit of almost 30 years experience in asset management and CMMS, CARL Source version 6 represents a new step forward in providing an offering tailored to the maintenance requirements of technical assets.

CARL Source incorporates the latest technological developments in equipment maintenance and management, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and BIM. It capitalises on new uses related to mobility, mapped technical repositories, and decentralised or outsourced organisation of maintenance activities.
CARL Source is based on a technical architecture and technologies that comply with current standards.


A modular solution to adapt to your activity

CARL Source adapts to the context, sector of activity and size of each organisation.

CARL Source is available in several versions, each dedicated to a specific business area:

  • Factory: production and handling equipment, specific technical equipment, research centers, etc.
  • Facility: buildings, offices, public buildings and structures, networks, and associated utilities.
  • City: all assets operated by local authorities and administrations.
  • Transport: rolling stock, fixed and linear installations in the world of transport, logistics and public transport…
  • Healthcare: hospitals, clinics, nursing homes…


Four ranges covering the gamut from the most basic to the most complicated projects

In addition to specialisation by activity, CARL Source offers four ranges adapted to simple and complex contexts:

  • The Smart range focuses above all on ease of use, quick implementation, and very low acquisition costs.
  • The Expert range offers an answer to medium-sized maintenance services: This version, which is very complete in terms of features, meets (and indeed exceeds) the standard needs of maintenance departments.
  • The Enterprise range is suitable for projects targeting a large number of users, requiring significant specific adaptations or imposing a complex IT architecture.
  • Lastly, the Corporate range is intended for large-scale projects (centralised national or international deployment), in contexts that can be multilingual (several nationalities using the same database).

All versions are based on a common technical core, allowing scalability between the ranges.

The most advanced software technology

Based on Internet architecture and reference technologies since the advent of Web 2.0, CARL Source is based on technological standards (html, Java, XML, Rest …).

CARL Source is sold both as a traditional licence and in SaaS mode via CARL Cloud.

Its continuously improved user interface reconciles simplicity and productivity, while respecting the ergonomic standards of the web. Furthermore, it offers very high levels of customisation and scalability (new fields, configurable workflow, customisable home page and dashboards; modifiable data-entry screen, print reports, etc.).

CARL Source offers a wide range of technological choices, adapted to all types of architecture (from a single workstation to wide area networks based on cluster architecture).

CARL Source also eliminates the need for proprietary solutions: all Open Source products can be used for all the architecture’s components (database, report editor, application server, etc…). It can also work with the most frequently encountered IT standards (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.). In addition, CARL Source is designed to integrate with the information system and interoperate with other applications using a set of predefined and extensible mechanisms: Configurable interfaces, Web Services, Api Rest, etc.

CARL Source is 100% HTML-based software that requires no plug-ins or resident code on the client workstation (standard thin client), including graphic functions (for deployment, (screen & report settings, map navigation, graphical planning, application administration, etc.).

CARL Source is available in a wide range of languages (English, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, etc, …).

To find out more about the technical features of the CARL Source range, click here.

3 mobility offers complete the range


  • CARL Touch: CMMS Touch on smartphone / tablet.
    CARL Touch assists technicians during maintenance work (notification of work requests, geolocation of equipment, maintenance history and technical specifications of the equipment to be maintained, voice or touch screen reporting, etc.) and can even be used in the absence of an internet connection…). CARL Touch also allows stock managers to manage their warehouses and to describe and inventory equipment.
  • CARL Xpressa new application for technicians and service providers: intuitive and simple, CARL Xpress makes it possible to draft express reports in just a few clicks. Its streamlined UX uses features facilitating the exchange (chat) and acquisition of information (voice dictation, multimedia, NFC, QRCode).
    The application is intended for all technicians, both inside and outside the company (production teams, inspection bodies, after-sales service technicians), required to perform maintenance actions or basic diagnostics.
  • CARL Flash: the application of service requests enables users of an asset or a public space to request, for various needs, the technical services responsible for its maintenance.

Major innovations


Optimized regulatory maintenance:

Control-S: Combined with its CARL Source solution, Control S is dedicated to the automatic integration of regulatory controls directly from the platforms of Apave, Bureau Veritas, Dekra and Socotec With CARL Control-S, technical departments guarantee the day-to-day safety of equipment and people by controlling the regulatory maintenance activity for which they are responsible.

2D 3D graphic and cartographic management:

CARL Maps lets you view, use, and interact with diagrams, maps and digital models directly and natively from CARL Source.

CARL Maps is a global solution made up of three complementary products tailored to your needs.

  • CARL Maps – SIG: Integration with your 2D maps published from the ArcGIS Geographic Information System (ESRI©) to manage your linear equipment (railways and roads, wet networks, dry networks, signalling,) or once-off equipment spread over a territory (public lighting, parks and gardens, etc.).
  • CARL Maps – CAD: Integration with your 2D diagrams, in .DWG format (AUTOCAD©, ARCHICAD©…) to manage buildings (housing, administrative buildings, offices, hospitals, workshops, warehouses…) and large infrastructures (airports, ports, engineering structures…).
  • CARL Maps – BIM & CIM: Operation and integration of your 3D BIM models thanks to the IFC connector. An IFC BIM Connector ensures the integration of information from 3D digital models of buildings and infrastructures and guarantees the continuity from the Construction BIM to the Operation & Maintenance BIM.



Maintenance assisted by Artificial Intelligence

IoT Platform:
The IoT platform is capable of processing all the components of the IoT chain, from the sensor to data processing in CARL Source. The IoT platform provides technical departments with the forecast data they need to optimally trigger maintenance.

Simplified administration:


  • CARL Source Admin: Autonomous administration of the evolution of your CARL Source software.
  • CARL Source Loader: bulk updating of data.


Innovation with peace of mind


We give special attention to ensuring the security of our products, whether it be exchanged data, protecting identities or the infrastructure used. Exchanges are carried out via secure protocols (HTTPS), the management of users and passwords complies with the best practices of IS Security: SHA-256 encryption, password complexity management policy, option of delegating user management to a corporate directory (LDAP, etc…)

Each version is audited, first according to internal procedures (Seeker control software, OWASP analysis / repository), then by calling in independent experts, who check compliance with IS Security practices in relation to ISO 27001.

Lastly, our development practices comply with the requirements of European regulations (GDPR) in terms of encryption and security of data access and exchanges between applications, storage and archiving duration, authorisation management, audit traceability, etc.


Presentation of CARL Source in 7 minutes.

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